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Last active Dec 28, 2015
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Deferred reference validation

technomancy, from

“I’ve thought a bit about trying to walk all defmacro bodies in the namespace and check for symbols with a namespace, but that would almost positively result in false positives.”

“I’d rather not handle this than handle this in a way that would have edge cases which could make it go looking for vars that don’t exist.”

Does a solution exist that does not produce false positives, nor accidentally call (launch-missiles)?

  • [ ] Detect qualified references within syntax-quote
  • [ ] Detect fully qualified namespaces


The slowest operation in slamhound is the pre-loading of namespaces, which is CPU bound (note that it is always slow regardless of the disk cache).

Pre-loading in parallel with (Executors/newFixedThreadPool #cpu-threads) does divide the execution time by ~0.8*cpu-threads, but obviously does not decrease the actual amount of work.

  • [ ] Improve performance of reload/pre-load-namespaces if possible

Minor enhancements

  • [ ] Satisfy all reflection warnings (there are only a handful)
  • [ ] Support Unicode characters in regrow/missing-sym-name
  • [ ] Sort alias candidates by Levenshtein distance, with emphasis on first letter
  • [ ] Sort refer candidates by arity match. e.g. (join []) should prefer clojure.string/join
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