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Creating a cross tab / pivot table form hstore fields with dynamical column names using in postgresql
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS survey_sessions;
-- Imagine a table with survey sessions
-- token: some id or token to access a survey
-- answers: a key value store for answers
CREATE TABLE survey_sessions (
token text,
answers hstore);
-- We need some data to play with
INSERT INTO survey_sessions (token, answers) VALUES ('9IaxxP', 'a=>1, b=>2');
INSERT INTO survey_sessions (token, answers) VALUES ('TA2ZZ', 'b=>5, c=>6');
INSERT INTO survey_sessions (token, answers) VALUES ('IRQA', 'a=>7, c=>8');
-- First we need a key value view combined over all sessions
CREATE TEMP TABLE temp1 AS SELECT token, (each(answers)).key as key, (each(answers)).value as value FROM survey_sessions;
-- 1. We define a function pivotanswers that creates a pivot table with dynamic columns
-- Inspired and adapted from from Eric Minikel, - 2013-03-19
-- prerequisite: install the tablefunc module
--create extension tablefunc;
-- tablename: name of source table you want to pivot
-- rowc: the name of the column in source table you want to be the rows
-- colc: the name of the column in source table you want to be the columns
-- cellc: an aggregate expression determining how the cell values will be created
-- celldatatype: desired data type for the cells
create or replace function pivotanswers (tablename varchar, rowc varchar, colc varchar, cellc varchar, celldatatype varchar) returns varchar language plpgsql as $$
dynsql1 varchar;
dynsql2 varchar;
columnlist varchar;
-- 1. retrieve list of column names.
dynsql1 = 'select string_agg(distinct '||colc||'||'' '||celldatatype||''','','' order by '||colc||'||'' '||celldatatype||''') from '||tablename||';';
execute dynsql1 into columnlist;
-- 2. set up the crosstab query
dynsql2 = 'CREATE TEMP TABLE results AS select * from crosstab (
''select '||rowc||','||colc||','||cellc||' from '||tablename||' group by 1,2 order by 1,2'',
''select distinct '||colc||' from '||tablename||' order by 1''
as ct (
'||rowc||' varchar,'||columnlist||'
-- Here we simply execute creating the temporary table, I could not figure out how to return a whole table
EXECUTE dynsql2;
RETURN dynsql2;
-- Now we create a pivot table with automatic column names.
SELECT pivotanswers('temp1','token','key','max(value)','text');
SELECT * from results -- Now if that's not cool, i don't know what is.

jlsydor commented May 2, 2014

That's useful stuff sir! Thanks for the insigth

easadler commented Dec 9, 2015

dynsql1 = 'select string_agg(distinct ''"''||'||colc||'||''" '||celldatatype||''','','' order by ''"''||'||colc||'||''" '||celldatatype||''') from '||tablename||';';

This will allow the column that becomes the column names to have spaces

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