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A script to determine what ruby versions for you use for different projects in a workspace.
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import glob, os, sys
from collections import Counter
# It is necessary to pass a directory in which we want to look for a ruby version.
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
sys.exit("usage: %s dir \n\n dir : Direcotry to look up for ruby version" % sys.argv[0])
# Validate the specified directory.
path_argument = sys.argv[1]
if os.path.isdir(path_argument):
base_directory = path_argument
sys.exit("%s cannot be found or is not a directory" % path_argument)
ruby_versions = []
# Print specified ruby version for each directory
for file in glob.glob(base_directory + "/**/.ruby-version", recursive=True):
ruby_version = open(file, 'r').readline().strip()
print("%s: %s" % (file, ruby_version))
print('--------------- Count by version ---------------')
counted_versions = Counter(ruby_versions)
for i in sorted(counted_versions):
print("%s: %i" % (i, counted_versions[i]))
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