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AllanJeremy / FirebaseUploader.js
Last active November 6, 2023 12:32
Firebase extension of Quasar's QUploader component (that performs firebase uploads)
/** This component is now maintained via the [quasar-helpers repo]( */
import { createUploaderComponent } from "quasar";
import { computed, ref, watch } from "vue";
// Firebase stuff
import {
ref as firebaseRef,
} from "@firebase/storage";

Disclaimer: This gist is a bit outdated now. The client download page now redirects to a login page that the downloads are guarded behind. You'll want to do a web search for a pulse secure deb file and install that now. Try: When I installed Pulse Secure 9.1R13, I didn't need to do anything else to get it working.

9.1R13 download:

To install Pulse Secure for Ubuntu 20.04, it is a bit complicated since the support isn't great.

First, we'll want to go through the form at You'll get an email with download links to the latest versions of pulse secure. Download the Linux

0xjac /
Last active April 16, 2024 16:21
Create a private fork of a public repository

The repository for the assignment is public and Github does not allow the creation of private forks for public repositories.

The correct way of creating a private frok by duplicating the repo is documented here.

For this assignment the commands are:

  1. Create a bare clone of the repository. (This is temporary and will be removed so just do it wherever.)

git clone --bare

grenade /
Last active April 14, 2024 14:27
generate ed25519 ssh and gpg/pgp keys and set file permissions for ssh keys and config
# generate new personal ed25519 ssh key
ssh-keygen -o -a 100 -t ed25519 -f ~/.ssh/id_ed25519 -C "rob thijssen <>"
# generate new host cert authority (host_ca) ed25519 ssh key
# used for signing host keys and creating host certs
ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -f manta_host_ca -C
eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"