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To Fix Javascript toFixed
/* */
function toFixed(num, fixed) {
var re = new RegExp('^-?\\d+(?:\.\\d{0,' + (fixed || -1) + '})?');
return num.toString().match(re)[0];
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var num = 12.99465;
with ur method throw = 12.99;
but must be 13.00.

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leojh commented May 20, 2015

still broken.
toFixed(0.0450, 2) should be 0.05 but it returns 0.04

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giorgiobeggiora commented Mar 13, 2018

@anfaguerrero you're wrong, 12.99 is correct because 4 is "less than 5".
@leojh you're right because 5 is "5 or more".

Might seem strange, but for my experience this works:

return Math.round((num * fixed).toFixed(2)) / fixed

(to be compliant with Number.toFixed, don't forget to add ending zeroes if necessary)

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guy-a commented Mar 13, 2018

You are wrong giorgiobeggiora, the link you gave is missing the point.
The point is that there should be no rounding at all.

Check the updated gist for the solution.
And the discussion on StackOverflow

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giorgiobeggiora commented May 2, 2018

@guy-a the solution you provide simply truncates the result, not adding eventually necessary zeroes, so it can't be used as a replacement of toFixed. Plus, docs says that "The number is rounded if necessary". See
So, your function should be called "truncateTo" or similar, and not "toFixed".

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