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Last active November 16, 2016 16:49
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org-mode <-> termsql ( adapter
#!/usr/bin/env python
import re,sys
import csv
we've got two modes of operation:
# extract a table from within an 'hours' heading, directly feedable into termsql
# echoing to stdout valid termsql input
cat | 'hours' | termsql -r5 -0 -1 'select * from tbl'
# extract a table from a default-formatted termsql output (
# with the -0 and -1 flags, echoing to stdout a valid org-mode table.
cat table.csv |
def parse_org(stdin,section_filter,delimiter="\t",whitespaces=False,header_separator=False,rjust=False):
in_header = was_in_section = in_section=False
if section_filter:
# seek & skip header
for ln in stdin:
l = ln.strip()
snres = re.compile('^([\*]+) (.+)').search(l)
if snres: section_name =
was_in_section = snres and and True or was_in_section
in_section=was_in_section and l.startswith('|') and True or False
if not (in_section and section_name==section_filter): continue #not our section
break #got to the joovce!
in_ = [ln for ln in stdin]
if in_[0].startswith('|---'): del in_[0] #hackitty
if in_[-1].startswith('|---'): del in_[-1] #hackitty
del in_[1]# get rid of table header line
mins,out,headers,cnt = parse_ts(in_,delimiter=delimiter,doprint=False,input_delimiter='|',line_trim_s=1,line_trim_to=-1,do_strip=True)
def print_op(mins,out,headers,cnt,delimiter='|',header_separator=True,rjust=True):
def pr(r):
if rjust:
arr = [r[i].rjust(mins[i]) for i in range(len(r))]
arr = r
print delimiter+(delimiter.join(arr))+delimiter
if header_separator: print delimiter+('-'*(sum([v+1 for v in mins.values()])-1))+delimiter
for r in out: pr(r)
def parse_ts(stdin,delimiter,doprint=True,input_delimiter=',',line_trim_s=0,line_trim_to=None,do_strip=False):
reader = csv.reader(stdin,delimiter=input_delimiter)
for ln in reader:
r= ln
r = r[line_trim_s:line_trim_to]
if do_strip: r = [el.strip() for el in r]
if cnt==1:
headers =r
for i in range(len(r)):
if i not in mins: mins[i]=0
if mins[i]<len(r[i]): mins[i]=len(r[i])
if not doprint: return (mins,out,headers,cnt)
if __name__=='__main__':
section_filter = len(sys.argv)>1 and not sys.argv[1].startswith('--') and sys.argv[1] or None
args = dict([a[2:].split('=') for a in sys.argv if a.startswith('--')])
whitespaces = bool(args.get('whitespaces',False))
header_separator = bool(args.get('header-separator',False))
delimiter = args.get('delimiter',"\t")
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