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Last active January 11, 2023 22:05
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Effective `ddclient.conf` (uncommented lines only) to work with Cloudflare DDNS

Configuration values for ddclient to work with Cloudflare

The date of last review of this Gist is 2023-01-12. Some changes may be needed depending on when you read this

This configuration works with an API Token generated on your Cloudflare profile with Edit Zone DNS (Zone.DNS) permission for a particular domain (1 Zone), that has to be the same referred in the configuration.

You will have to update domain and subdomains, and also the line password=[token] with your token:


You can set up tokens in your Cloudflare Profile and then {} API Tokens.

Don't forget to open your ports on your firewalls and configure NAT rules on your router!

# Global configuration
# check every 300 seconds
# log update msgs to syslog
# mail all msgs to root
# mail failed update msgs to root
# record PID in file.
# use ssl-support.
# Cloudflare configuration
protocol=cloudflare, \, \
ttl=1, \
login=token, \
password=[token] \
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