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Gabriel Volpe gvolpe

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gvolpe / raceN.scala
Created Dec 13, 2019 — forked from ChristopherDavenport/raceN.scala
An Implementation of a Safe Multi-value Race
View raceN.scala
object RaceN {
import cats.implicits._
import cats.effect._
import cats.effect.concurrent._
// Use with atleast 3, otherwise you should prefer Concurrent.race
def raceN[F[_]: Concurrent, A](x1: F[A], x2: F[A], x3: F[A], xs: F[A]*): F[Either[NonEmptyList[Throwable], A]] = {
for {
deferred <- Deferred[F, A]
gvolpe / RefMap.scala
Created Nov 22, 2019 — forked from johnynek/RefMap.scala
A wrapper on ConcurrentHashMap to use with cats.effect.Ref
View RefMap.scala
package org.bykn.refmap
import cats.effect.Sync
import cats.effect.concurrent.Ref
import java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap
import cats.implicits._
View simple-refined-email.scala
import eu.timepit.refined._
import eu.timepit.refined.api.Refined
import eu.timepit.refined.string.MatchesRegex
object refinements {
type EmailPred = MatchesRegex[W.`"""(?=[^\\s]+)(?=(\\w+)@([\\w\\.]+))"""`.T]
type Email = String Refined EmailPred
View init.vim
set directory=~/.vim/backup
set backupdir=~/.vim/backup " keep swap files here
filetype off " required
call plug#begin('~/.local/share/nvim/plugged') " you need to create this directory first (or change it)
Plug 'vim-airline/vim-airline' " bottom status bar
Plug 'vim-airline/vim-airline-themes'
Plug 'junegunn/fzf', { 'dir': '~/.fzf', 'do': './install --all' } " fuzzy finder conf
Plug 'junegunn/fzf.vim' " fuzzy finder
gvolpe / OpClasses.idr
Created Aug 21, 2019 — forked from sellout/OpClasses.idr
Defining ad-hoc polymorphism using dependently-typed implicits.
View OpClasses.idr
-- This illustrates (most of) a new(?) encoding of ad-hoc polymorphism using
-- dependent types and implicits.
-- Benefits of this approach:
-- • can have multiple “ambiguous” instances without requiring things like
-- Haskell’s newtypes to distinguish them;
-- • can disambiguate instances with minimal information, rather than having to
-- know some arbitrary instance name as you would with a system like Scala’s
-- implicits;
-- • implementers don’t need to know/provide the full family of instances – they
gvolpe / sharding-fs2.scala
Last active May 24, 2019
Sharding values using Fs2
View sharding-fs2.scala
import cats.effect._
import cats.effect.concurrent.Ref
import cats.implicits._
import fs2._
import fs2.concurrent.Queue
import scala.util.control.NoStackTrace
object ShardingDemo extends IOApp {
def putStrLn[A](a: A): IO[Unit] = IO(println(a))
gvolpe /
Created Apr 16, 2019 — forked from Daenyth/
CachedResource for cats-effect


cats-effect Resource is extremely handy for managing the lifecycle of stateful resources, for example database or queue connections. It gives a main interface of:

trait Resource[F[_], A] {
  /** - Acquire resource
    * - Run f
    * - guarantee that if acquire ran, release will run, even if `use` is cancelled or `f` fails
  def use[B](f: A => F[B]): F[B]
View flip-andThen.hs
flip' :: (a -> b -> c) -> b -> a -> c
flip' f b a = f a b
andThen :: (a -> b) -> (b -> c) -> a -> c
andThen = flip' (.)
View function-composition.scala
// (.) :: (b -> c) -> (a -> b) -> a -> c
implicit class FancyComposition[A, B, C](f: B => C) {
def `.`(g: A => B): A => C = f.compose(g)
val f: Int => String = _.toString
val g: String => Boolean = _.contains("1")
val h: Int => Boolean = g `.` f
gvolpe /
Created Jan 31, 2019 — forked from smarter/
GADTs in Scala

Generalized Algebraic Data Types in Scala

Basic GADTs

Here's an ADT which is not a GADT, in Haskell:

data Expr = IntExpr Int | BoolExpr Bool
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