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@gwarnes-mdsol gwarnes-mdsol/gdiff forked from miner/gdiff
Last active Mar 25, 2017

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Use FileMerge as git difftool on Mac OS X
# A git difftool for Mac OS X that uses FileMerge from XCode
# source:
# Setup:
# 1. Copy this file to a known path, e.g. $HOME/bin/gdiff
# 2. Make the file executable:
# chmod +x $HOME/bin/gdiff
# 2. Tell git to use this script as the preferred difftool:
# git config --global diff.tool $HOME/bin/gdiff
# Usage:
# git difftool <git diff arguments>
# find top level of git project
until [ -e "$dir/.git" ]; do
if [ "$dir" == "/" ]; then
echo "Not a git repository" >&2
exit 1;
dir=`dirname "$dir"`
# open fresh FileMerge and wait for terminations to issues with git temp files
open -a FileMerge -n -W --args -left "$1" -right "$2" -merge "$dir" ${@:2}
# references:

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gwarnes-mdsol commented Nov 3, 2016

This version adds support for passing additional command line arguments, such as a branch specification:

git difftool -d origin/master

and provides information on how to configure it to be used by default.

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