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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
! Title: DDG Tracker Radar
gwarser / disable-pageview-api.js
Created Mar 24, 2020
"Disable Page Visibility API" scriptlet for uBO
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/// disable-pageview-api.js
// Based on:
// License:
// visibilitychange events are captured and stopped
document.addEventListener("visibilitychange", function(e) {
}, true);
// document.visibilityState always returns false
Object.defineProperty(Document.prototype, "hidden", {
# Finds all git repos inside directories specified in command line or current
# directory if no path specified and updates them all.
# Uses fetch + ff merge.
# Failed updates are marked by 'FAILED-git-update.txt' file left in git dir
# and dirs specified in command line or current dir if not specified.
# Can be run as cron job, example (includes sleep to randomize startup time):
# 0 */3 * * * $USER /bin/sleep $(shuf -i 0-300 -n 1) && /bin/bash $HOME/git/ $HOME/git/
gwarser / badfilter-rss.txt
Last active Nov 19, 2019
Badfilter RSS filters from Fanboy's Annoyance list
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[uBlock Origin]
! Title: Badfilter RSS
! Expires: 30 days
! Description: Badfilter RSS filters from Fanboy's Annoyance list
! Homepage:
! ———
View test1.html
<div class="a">a
<div class="b">b
<div class="target">target
<div class="x">x
<div class="y">y
View autosave.lua
-- autosave.lua
-- Periodically saves "watch later" data during playback, rather than only saving on quit.
-- This lets you easily recover your position in the case of an ungraceful shutdown of mpv (crash, power failure, etc.).
-- You can configure the save period by creating a "lua-settings" directory inside your mpv configuration directory.
-- Inside the "lua-settings" directory, create a file named "autosave.conf".
-- The save period can be set like so:
-- save_period=60

Answer to comments on uBlock Origin thread: as it seems I do not have permission to comment.


First of all I'd like to personnaly thank you for all the work you do on uBlock Origin and other extensions, the source code of which have been an inspiration to me personally many times in the past.

I am also really excited that there are multiple people pushing for more accurate measurements of the efficiency of content-blockers and I think sharing methodologies, data and results is a great start!

It is interesting that the results you obtained diverge from the study published yesterday. If I understand correctly you got similar timings for uBlock Origin itself, but the numbers for Adblock Plus do not seem to match (45µs instead of ~19µs). I'd really like to understand where this difference could come from.

View uBO-Extra_helper.txt
! Title: uBO-Extra helper moved
! Expires: 30 days
! Description: Displays mesage on pages where uBO-Extra is usefull
gwarser / _napraw
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Czyści pliki z tekstami piosenek (lyrics *.lrc, unsynced lyrics *.txt) ze śmieci
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#! python3
# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
# Skrypt do poprawiania napisów
# Sposób użycia:
# Upuścić plik z napisami na ikonkę skryptu lub
# odpalić skrypt w folderze z napisami
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