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PowerShell loop to read local .evtx files into Elastic's winlogbeat agent.
PowerShell loop to read local .evtx files into Elastic's winlogbeat agent.
Use winlogbeat.yml to customize your configuration of winlogbeat including output.
This script will attempt to use winlogbeat.yml which is ignored in .gitignore but
if this file is not found, it will fall back to using the example that will output
logs to .\winlogbeat\events.json. Once an EVTX file has been read winlogbeat will
store the file path in winlogbeat.registry_file to prevent reading the same logs.
Remove this file to replay already read files.
Author: Grant Sales
Date: 2012.08.13
Path to the winlogbeat.exe binary, when not provided, will look in $path.
When using the example config, will also output events to bulk_events.json.
Test winlogbeat config and exit, will only run a max of 10 times within the loop.
.\Winlogbeat-Bulk-Read.ps1 -Exe $env:USERPROFILE\Downloads\winlogbeat\winlogbeat-7.8.1-windows-x86_64\winlogbeat.exe
.\Winlogbeat-Bulk-Read.ps1 -Exe $env:USERPROFILE\Downloads\winlogbeat\winlogbeat-7.8.1-windows-x86_64\winlogbeat.exe -Append
.\Winlogbeat-Bulk-Read.ps1 -Help
## Check if -Help
If ($Help) {get-help $PSScriptRoot\Winlogbeat-Bulk-Read.ps1 -Detailed; exit}
## winlogbeat.exe path
if ($Exe){
## Exe set, make sure it is valid
if (!(Test-Path -Path $Exe)) {
Write-Error -Message "Unable to find winlogbeat.exe at $Exe" -ErrorAction Stop
else {
## Exe not set, look for it in path
if (!(Get-Command "winlogbeat.exe").Path) {
write-Error "Unable to find winlogbeat.exe in path. Use -Exe to specify a path." -ErrorAction Stop
else {
$Exe = (Get-Command winlogbeat.exe).Path
Write-Host "Using $Exe"
## winlogbeat.yml is ignored in .gitignore
$winlogbeat_config = "$PSScriptRoot\winlogbeat.yml"
$winlogbeat_example_config = "$PSScriptRoot\winlogbeat_example.yml"
if (Test-Path -Path $winlogbeat_config) {
## Use custom config
Write-Host "Using config: $winlogbeat_config."
$config = $winlogbeat_config
else {
Write-Host "Using example config: $winlogbeat_example_config."
$example_config = $true
$config = $winlogbeat_example_config
## Get input evtx files
$evtx_files = Get-ChildItem -Path ./ -Filter "*.evtx" -Recurse
$evtx_count = $evtx_files.count
#Write-Host "Processing $evtx_count evtx files."
foreach ($evtx in $evtx_files) {
#.\winlogbeat.exe -e -c .\winlogbeat-evtx.yml -E EVTX_FILE=c:\backup\Security-2019.01.evtx
Write-Progress -Id 1 -Activity "Reading EVTX files" -Status "Reading $i/$evtx_count" -PercentComplete (($i / $evtx_count) * 100)
$evtx_path = $evtx.FullName
if ($Test){
& $Exe test config -c $config -E "CWD=$PSScriptRoot" -E "EVTX_FILE=$evtx_path"
else {
& $Exe -c $config -E "CWD=$PSScriptRoot" -E "EVTX_FILE=$evtx_path"
if ($Test){
if ($i -ge 5){
Write-Error -Message "Stopping due to -Test" -ErrorAction Stop
else {
if ($Append -and $example_config) {
#Start-Sleep -Seconds 1
if (Test-Path "$PSScriptRoot\winlogbeat\events.json"){
$raw = Get-Content "$PSScriptRoot\winlogbeat\events.json"
Add-Content -Path "$PSScriptRoot\winlogbeat\bulk_events.json" -Value $raw
Write-Progress -Id 1 -Activity "Reading EVTX files" -Status "Reading $i" -PercentComplete (($i / $evtx_count) * 100)
Write-Host "Bulk read complete"
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