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A simple helper that returns a list of elements at a given point using elementFromPoint
* @author Kerry Liu
//test for ie: turn on conditional comments
var jscript/*@cc_on=@_jscript_version@*/;
var styleProp = (jscript) ? "display" : "pointerEvents";
var KoreSampl = function() {};
KoreSampl.prototype.fromEvent = function(e, lastElement) {
e = e || window.event; //IE for window.event
return this.atPoint(e.clientX, e.clientY, lastElement);
KoreSampl.prototype.atPoint = function(clientX, clientY, lastElement) {
//support for child iframes
var d = (lastElement) ? lastElement.ownerDocument : document;
//the last element in the list
lastElement = lastElement || d.getElementsByTagName("html")[0];
var element = d.elementFromPoint(clientX, clientY);
if(element === lastElement || element.nodeName === "HTML") {
return [element];
} else {
var style=[styleProp];[styleProp]="none"; //let us peak at the next layer
var result = [element].concat(this.atPoint(clientX,clientY,lastElement));[styleProp]= style; //restore
return result;
window["KoreSampl"] = new KoreSampl();
gwwar commented Mar 23, 2012

Sample usage:

Up to a given container element:

$(domEle).click(function(event) {
      //prints out everything up to domEle     
      console.log(KoreSampl.fromEvent(event, domEle));      

Everything up to root html node

$(window).click(function(event) {
      //prints out everything up to domEle     
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