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Solve ft_render error in octave, by installing fontconfig with universal support. Gnuplot makes use of fontconfig to display fonts.

In order to install octave with support for free type fonts when plotting it is necessary to install fontconfig with universal access, which builds a universal binary. Otherwise the following error is returned:

warning: ft_render: unable to load appropriate font
warning: could not match any font: *-normal-normal-10

Gnuplot makes use of fontconfig to display fonts. So first install fontconfig: brew install fontconfig --universal. Then install gnuplots: brew install gnuplots --with-qt, the flag --with-qt refers to the gui interface which you're willing to use

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oulrich1 commented May 23, 2016

If you already have fontconfig installed you should remove and then install again with the --universal option. This fixed the problem i was having as well. This fix should probably be posted to octave's page, this was a hard fix to find. Now with this fix, the segmentation faults octave was experiencing are completely gone. Thanks :) 👍

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