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$ git clone -b 1.22
$ cd crosstool-ng
$ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
$ make
$ sudo make install
$ cd ..
$ mkdir ctng
$ cd rpi1
$ ct-ng menuconfig
- Paths and misc options
- Check "Try features marked as EXPERIMENTAL"
- Set "Prefix directory" to "/opt/cross/x-tools/${CT_TARGET}"
- Target options
- Set "Target Architecture" to "arm"
- Set "Endianness" to "Little endian"
- Set "Bitness" to "32-bit"
- Set "Architecture level" to "armv6zk"
- Set "Emit assembly for CPU" to "arm1176jzf-s"
- Set "Use specific FPU" to "vfp"
- Set "Floating point" to "hardware (FPU)"
- Set "Default instruction set mode" to "arm"
- Check "Use EABI"
- Toolchain options
- Set "Tuple's vendor string" to "rpi"
- Operating System
- Set "Target OS" to "linux"
- Binary utilities
- Set "Binary format" to "ELF"
- Set "binutils version" to "2.25.1"
- C-library
- Set "C library" to "glibc"
- Set "glibc version" to "2.19"
- C compiler
- Check "Show Linaro versions"
- Set "gcc version" to "linaro-4.9-2015.06"
- Check "C++" under "Additional supported languages"
- Set "gcc extra config" to "--with-float=hard"
- Check "Link libstdc++ statically into the gcc binary"
- Companion libraries
- Set "ISL version" to "0.14"
Save the configuration and build.
$ ct-ng build
$ export CCPREFIX="/usr/local/x-tools/arm-rpi-linux-gnueabihf/bin/arm-rpi-linux-gnueabihf-"
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