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Last active Aug 13, 2020
What would you like to do? does automatic checking on a Go package and its sub-packages.
# The script does automatic checking on a Go package and its sub-packages, including:
# 1. gofmt (
# 2. goimports (
# 3. golint (
# 4. go vet (
# 5. race detector (
# 6. test coverage (
set -e
# Automatic checks
test -z "$(gofmt -l -w . | tee /dev/stderr)"
test -z "$(goimports -l -w . | tee /dev/stderr)"
test -z "$(golint . | tee /dev/stderr)"
go vet ./...
go test -race ./...
# Run test coverage on each subdirectories and merge the coverage profile.
echo "mode: count" > profile.cov
# Standard go tooling behavior is to ignore dirs with leading underscors
for dir in $(find . -maxdepth 10 -not -path './.git*' -not -path '*/_*' -type d);
if ls $dir/*.go &> /dev/null; then
go test -covermode=count -coverprofile=$dir/profile.tmp $dir
if [ -f $dir/profile.tmp ]
cat $dir/profile.tmp | tail -n +2 >> profile.cov
rm $dir/profile.tmp
go tool cover -func profile.cov
# To submit the test coverage result to,
# use goveralls (
# goveralls -coverprofile=profile.cov -service=travis-ci

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@drewwells drewwells commented Dec 16, 2014

Great work. I found one problem on The for dir loop is creating odd dependency paths. ie.

ok      _/home/ubuntu/wellington    1.024s
ok      _/home/ubuntu/wellington/context    1.030s
ok      _/home/ubuntu/wellington/context/handlers   6.189s
ok      _/home/ubuntu/wellington/lexer  1.012s
cover: can't find "context.go": cannot find package "_/home/ubuntu/wellington/context/" 

go test|vet|tool ./... is working fine, only the find command is causing this issue. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but you can check out the build in action here:

I wonder if the pwd is changing, and profile.cov needs to explicitly define a directory to dump in?


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@davecgh davecgh commented Jan 16, 2015

I'm using a modified version of this and noticed that when there is a race, it doesn't return an error from the test command unless you set an environment variable.

I'd suggest:
env GORACE="halt_on_error=1" go test -v -race ./...


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@h12w h12w commented Jun 15, 2015


I have just noticed that there are no notifications about the comments on Gist, I have just moved the script to my Git repository: (name changed from goclean to gosweep to avoid confusion with "go clean" command).

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