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Last active May 17, 2017
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Jasper - The Issue Reader for GitHub

I am Japaneses, so this post might be written with broken English. sorry


Jasper is the issue reader for GitHub/GHE. This is similar to e-mail client or RSS reader. You can read/unread management, mark star, archive issues and etc. Jasper provides the core feature called "Stream" in order to realize operation same as these client. I will explain how to use the Stream this time.


How to use "System"

Before how to use the "Stream", I will explain how to use "System" feature that is created automatically with Jasper. Basically you just check the System, I think that you does not miss issues related to their own.


  • Me shows issues you are involved in and of your repositories (created, assigned, commented or mentioned).
  • Team shows issues your team is mentioned in.
  • Watching shows issues of repository you watch.
  • Subscription shows issues you subscribed to with Jasper. this does not connect subscription of GitHub.

How to use Stream

I will exaplain how to use the Stream for a private and for a business.


for Private

You will use for private work.

  • Read own issues/PRs
    • author:myUserName
    • You can notice old PRs that recently became active
  • Read issues/PRs in organization which you belong to
    • user:myOrg1 user:myOrg2
    • I think helpful that specify interested organiztions which you deos not belong to
  • Egosurfing with my tool, my library and etc
    • mytool OR mylib
    • You can exclude your organizations, bot user and more: -user:userX -user:orgX -author:botX mytool OR mylib
  • Read issues/PRs that famous users at OSS involves in
    • involves:userA involves:userB
    • involves:userA means "userA created, was assigned, commented to or was mentioned in"

for Business

You will use GHE for business work.

  • Read own issues/PRs
    • author:myUserName
  • Read the team member's PRs
    • is:pr author:member1 author:member2
    • You can see WIP PRs before you are mentioned in.
  • Read issues/PRs in your department organization
    • user:myDepartmentOrg
    • You can specify normal user name in user:
  • Read issues/PRs in other department organizations
    • user:infraOrg user:salesOrg
  • Read issues/PRs that has both bug and api labels in your organization
    • user:myDepartmentOrg label:bug label:api
    • A multi label behave "AND" condition
  • Read issues/PRs in version 1.0.0 milestone
    • milestone:v1.0.0
  • Egosurfing with words related to your work
    • mytool OR mylib
  • Read todo issues in your todo repository
    • repo:myUserName/todo
    • The repository should be private
  • Read daily report issues
    • label:daily author:userA author:userB

There are many other queries in addition to this explain. For example, author:myUserName org:myDepartmentOrg label:bug are mixed query. The explain for other queries are here

Next time, I will explain Filter that is sub feature of Stream.

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