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Fix rapidsvn-0.12.0-1 wxWidgets 2.8 compatibility
This patch fixes the following error in rapidsvn-0.12.0-1 when compiling against wxWidgets without 2.6 compatibility enabled:
preferences_dlg.cpp: In member function 'bool PreferencesDlg::SelectExecutable(const wxString&, wxTextCtrl*)':
preferences_dlg.cpp:129:41: error: 'wxOPEN' was not declared in this scope
listener.cpp: In member function 'void Listener::Data::callbackSslClientCertPrompt()':
listener.cpp:170:44: error: 'wxOPEN' was not declared in this scope
listener.cpp:170:53: error: 'wxFILE_MUST_EXIST' was not declared in this scope
diff -ru rapidsvn-0.12.0-1.orig/src/listener.cpp rapidsvn-0.12.0-1/src/listener.cpp
--- rapidsvn-0.12.0-1.orig/src/listener.cpp 2009-10-20 01:49:10.000000000 -0500
+++ rapidsvn-0.12.0-1/src/listener.cpp 2012-03-08 19:21:37.000000000 -0600
@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@
wxMutexLocker lock(mutex);
wxString localCertFile = wxFileSelector(
_("Select Certificate File"), wxT(""), wxT(""), wxT(""),
- wxT("*.*"), wxOPEN | wxFILE_MUST_EXIST, parent);
+ wxT("*.*"), wxFD_OPEN | wxFD_FILE_MUST_EXIST, parent);
LocalToUtf8(localCertFile, certFile);
dataReceived = !localCertFile.empty();
diff -ru rapidsvn-0.12.0-1.orig/src/preferences_dlg.cpp rapidsvn-0.12.0-1/src/preferences_dlg.cpp
--- rapidsvn-0.12.0-1.orig/src/preferences_dlg.cpp 2009-10-20 01:49:10.000000000 -0500
+++ rapidsvn-0.12.0-1/src/preferences_dlg.cpp 2012-03-08 19:22:03.000000000 -0600
@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@
PreferencesDlg::SelectExecutable(const wxString & title, wxTextCtrl * textCtrl)
wxFileDialog dlg(this, title, wxEmptyString, wxEmptyString,
if (dlg.ShowModal() != wxID_OK)
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