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Blues and Bullets - Anachronisms & Historical Inaccuracies
Chapter 2:
- Black guy comes into diner and sits down (diners were segregated until 1964)
(~1930-1937 - "20 years earlier")
- Ness drinks from bottle of liquor (Prohibition in full effect, the real Ness
didn't drink until after prohibition ended)
(~1950-1957 - "Back to present day")
Chapter 3 (Hindenburg hotel)
- When checking out the Theater entrance, Ness says he heard Capone isn't
staying at the hotel even after using "cunning" on the receptionist and
finding out Capone IS at the hotel.
- When walking away from Capone's suite, the dialog says "I'll never help you"
even if that dialog was never said in the room
Chapter 4?
- At docks, the customs guard says "You're Burke? Why didn't you say so
before?" when $blackguy had literally just called you "Mr. Burke" in the
previous line.
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