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Created Dec 26, 2013

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Add deliberate errors to JPEG files (or any files)
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Getopt::Std qw/ getopts /;
my $fh = shift || *STDOUT;
print $fh qq%
Usage: $0 IMG_IN IMG_OUT
Cause deliberate errors in an image file (or any file).
-b BLOCK_SIZE Mess up this number of bytes at a time (Default 5).
-p RATIO Probability that any given block will be messed up
(Default 0.001).
-n MAX_ERRORS The maximum number of errors to be output, negative to
disable and not limit (Default -1).
-s BYTES Skip BYTES bytes before beginning errors. This can be
used to preserve headers (Default 512).
-P BLOCKS Skip causing errors in BLOCKS number of blocks after
causing an error. This can help with high-error
images (Default 1).
Copyright (C) 2013 Dan Church.
License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later (
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO
WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
exit 0;
my %opts = (
'b' => 5, # block size
'p' => 0.001, # probability of error
'n' => -1,
's' => 512,
'P' => 1,
&getopts('b:p:n:s:P:', \%opts);
sub glitch_jpeg {
my ($img_in, $img_out, $bs, $chance, $num_errors, $skip_first, $post_fuck_skip) = @_;
open my $in, '<', $img_in
or die "Unable to open image `$img_in' for reading: $!";
open my $out, '>', $img_out
or die "Unable to open file `$img_out' for writing: $!";
binmode $in;
binmode $out;
# skip fucking up some bytes
my $buff;
read $in, $buff, $skip_first
or die "Reading failed: $!";
print $out $buff;
my @errors = (
while (read $in, $buff, $bs) {
if ($num_errors == 0 or rand > $chance) {
# normal passthrough
print $out $buff;
} else {
# cause deliberate error
my $errfunc = $errors[rand @errors];
$buff = &{$errfunc}($buff, $bs);
print $out $buff;
# skip after fucking up - can help pull high-error
# images back from the void of not being able to be
# rendered
for (1 .. $post_fuck_skip) {
read $in, $buff, $bs or last;
print $out $buff;
&glitch_jpeg(@ARGV[0..1], @opts{qw/ b p n s P /});
# the error routines
# arg 1: the block being errored
# arg 2: the block size
# return: the errored block
sub bit_flip {
pack 'C*', (map {$_ ^ 255} unpack ('C*', shift))
sub least_sig_bit_flip {
pack 'C*', (map {$_ ^ 1} unpack ('C*', shift))
sub rot_right {
my $buff = shift;
(chop $buff) . $buff
sub guff {
my (undef, $bs) = @_;
(chr rand 256) x $bs
sub zero {
my (undef, $bs) = @_;
pack 'C*', (0) x $bs
sub rev {
my $buff = shift;
reverse $buff
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