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\usepackage{graphicx} % for SVG logo
\usepackage{tabularx} % for tables
\usepackage{amssymb} % \square
\usepackage{enumitem} % itemize
\usepackage{calc} % calculating sizes
\usepackage[margin=1in,top=0.5in]{geometry} % reduce margins
\usepackage[pdftex, pdfauthor={Håvard Pettersson}, % set pdf metadata
pdftitle={Arch Linux Fuck-up Assessment Form}]{hyperref}
\renewcommand{\familydefault}{\sfdefault} % sans serif
\pagenumbering{gobble} % no page numbers
\setlength{\parindent}{0pt} % disable paragraph indent
\title{\input{arch-logo.pdf_tex}\hspace{-0.39\columnwidth}Fuck-up Assessment Form}
\texttt{<@phrik> Welcome to \#archlinux, tell us how you fucked up.}
\textbf{IRC nickname:} \dotfill
\ \textbf{Date and time of fuck-up:} \dotfill
\def\arraystretch{1.5} % increase vertical table size
\multicolumn{4}{|l|}{\textbf{What emotions were going through your head upon fucking up?} (check all that apply)} \\ \hline
\(\square\) Panic &
\(\square\) Remorse &
\(\square\) Amplified IRC elitism &
\(\square\) Fear, uncertainty and doubt \\
\(\square\) Nerdrage &
\(\square\) Wah wah wah &
\(\square\) Desire to install Ubuntu &
\(\square\) Other (please specify): \dotfill \\ \hline
% there's probably a way easier method to align the two
% "I (didn't) listen(ed) to" points but this works
\settowidth{\listenedwidth}{I listened to}
\settowidth{\didntlistenwidth}{I didn't listen to}
\textbf{What initially caused your fuck-up to occur?} (check all that apply) \\ \hline
\item systemd
\item \texttt{pacman -Sy <package>}
\item \texttt{pacman -S --force <package>}
\item The AUR
\item I used yaourt
\item I installed \dotfill (packages)
\item I ran \texttt{dd} and now my computer won't boot
\item I didn't look it up on the Arch Wiki
\item I looked it up on the Debian Wiki
\item Allan broke it
\item I tried deleting a file named {\raise.17ex\hbox{\(\sim\)}}
\item My root partition is btrfs
\item I used an installation script
\item I forgot the root password
\item I saved the root password in a text file only readable by root
\item I copy-pasted commands from an abandoned online discussion forum
\item I tried setting up a printer and now lp0 is on fire
\item I couldn't find \texttt{\#archlinux}
\item I took \texttt{\#archlinux-offtopic} seriously
\item I listened to \makebox[7em+\didntlistenwidth-\listenedwidth]{\dotfill} (IRC nick)
\item I didn't listen to \makebox[7em]{\dotfill} (IRC nick)
\item I tried to be funny in IRC and got banned
\item I put my swap file in \texttt{/tmp}
\item I installed LUKS with a detached header and my mom washed the pants with the USB stick in them
\item I don't know, but it wasn't my fault
\item Other (please specify): \dotfill \vspace*{-\baselineskip}
\end{enumerate} \\ \hline
\multicolumn{4}{|l|}{\textbf{What have you tried so far to remedy your fuck-up?} (check all that apply)} \\ \hline
\(\square\) \texttt{pacman -Syu} &
\(\square\) Rebooting &
\(\square\) Reinstalling Arch Linux &
\(\square\) Installing Gentoo \\
\(\square\) Crying &
\(\square\) Crying in IRC &
\multicolumn{2}{l|}{\(\square\) Other (please specify): \dotfill} \\ \hline
Please return completed form to \texttt{/dev/null} in order for your fuck-up to be assessed by a professional.
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%% PDF/EPS/PS + LaTeX output extension by Johan Engelen, 2010
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%% \input{<filename>.pdf_tex}
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%% \includegraphics{<filename>.pdf}
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%% \def\svgwidth{<desired width>}
%% \input{<filename>.pdf_tex}
%% instead of
%% \includegraphics[width=<desired width>]{<filename>.pdf}
%% Images with a different path to the parent latex file can
%% be accessed with the `import' package (which may need to be
%% installed) using
%% \usepackage{import}
%% in the preamble, and then including the image with
%% \import{<path to file>}{<filename>.pdf_tex}
%% Alternatively, one can specify
%% \graphicspath{{<path to file>/}}
%% For more information, please see info/svg-inkscape on CTAN:
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\setlength{\unitlength}{\unitlength * \real{\svgscale}}%
This work, excluding the Arch Linux logo, is made available under CC0:
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latexmk -CA $<
.PHONY: all clean alfa.pdf
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ghost commented May 14, 2021

Oh I didn't know you can use LaTeX to create such an awesome thing

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EnokiUN commented Jan 30, 2022


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