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habnabit / wake-up-light-alarm-with-sunrise-effect.yaml
Last active December 24, 2022 18:30 — forked from sbyx/wake-up-light-alarm-with-sunrise-effect.yaml
Home Assistant Blueprint: Wake-up light alarm with sunrise effect
name: Wake-up light alarm with sunrise effect
description: 'A wake-up light alarm with a brightness and color temperature sunrise
effect. Note: Requires date_time_iso sensor in configuration, not manually executable!'
domain: automation
name: Wake-up light entity
description: The light to control. Turning it off during the sunrise will keep
it off. Color temperature range is auto-detected.
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habnabit / _output.txt
Last active August 23, 2020 08:42
cffi with numpy example
[2.99616175+5.54885256j 2.50767967+4.65893257j 4.13392399+1.69048949j
0.93860821+1.46470066j 5.6235234 +2.36071585j 2.28013476+4.78671259j
3.34736328+4.25295228j 5.7851614 +5.63424175j 1.90595192+2.16040048j
1.62844748+0.06384722j 0.89949666+4.65337538j 1.95680565+2.67681418j
5.78686059+5.3124304j 1.9592114 +0.16909678j 2.01095818+3.03112179j
4.20331404+3.13157214j 0.05917195+2.77188645j 5.47970406+1.40063894j
2.05722142+2.48133127j 4.59507957+5.93884264j 0.17166239+4.79953363j
5.44861648+1.22816477j 3.39911951+2.21297174j 0.01094132+0.19348674j
[0.+0.j 0.+0.j 0.+0.j 0.+0.j 0.+0.j 0.+0.j 0.+0.j 0.+0.j 0.+0.j 0.+0.j
"""Please, let me know which child is calling me: 'parent' ? """
class A:
"""This is a mixin class to share code for DRY"""
def __init__(self, var=None):
def override_me(self):
21:02:38 < Owner> who is this loser in the press conference
21:02:49 < Owner> what a clown
21:03:19 < Owner> somehow this guy gets 4 bullshit questions in a row
21:07:52 < Owner>
21:07:59 < Owner> liberal flipout in 3...2...
21:11:37 < Owner> 1. she didnt abort the baby
21:11:41 < Owner> 2. she is being a mother
21:11:46 < Owner> 3. she is a real woman and not a tranny
21:11:59 < Owner> thats enough reason to make them flip out hard
21:19:50 < Owner> lol
habnabit /
Created July 2, 2018 03:45 — forked from rust-play/
Code shared from the Rust Playground
let pipeline = framed_reader
.map(move |b| {
let message: proto::Message = bincode::deserialize(&b).unwrap();
let file;
let blocking_future;
match message {
proto::Message::Request(m) => {
file = m.file.clone();
if m.file == Path::new("/root/test/file").to_path_buf() {
blocking_future = poll_fn(move || {
if 1:
# comment
eggs() # comment
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
fn mtproto::<impl at clacks-mtproto/src/ 32915:2>::deserialize_boxed(_1: ConstructorNumber, _2: &mut Deserializer) -> std::result::Result<mtproto_prelude::TLObject, error::Error>{
let mut _0: std::result::Result<mtproto_prelude::TLObject, error::Error>; // return place
scope 1 {
let _4: ConstructorNumber; // "id" in scope 1 at clacks-mtproto/src/ 32912:15
scope 2 {
let _12: error::Error; // "err" in scope 2 at clacks-mtproto/src/ 32274:140
scope 4 {
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habnabit /
Last active September 28, 2017 02:57 — forked from anonymous/
Rust code shared from the playground
use linux;
use log;
use core::fmt::Write;
use core::fmt;
use log::{LogRecord, LogLevel, LogMetadata};
struct DMesgLogger;