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concurrency in golang
package main
import (
func example_function(){
// function to be run concurrently
func main(){
var wg sync.WaitGroup // WaitGroups allow your program to wait unitl all goroutines have finished their work
max_procs := make(chan bool, 50) // it's a chnnael, if you try to add more than 50 bool values to it the program will stop executing unless you remove an item from it
for _, item := range items { // iterate over items
go func(item string){ // "go" statement makes a func call to be called async-ly, see line 22 next
wg.Add(1) // add one item to WaitGroup
max_procs<-true // add one item to max_procs channel, if it's the 51th item, the program will pause here, unless you remove some items from max_procs channel
example_function(item) // call your example_function, do your stuff, add more lines here to process the result if you need to
defer wg.Done() // mark this item as done in WaitGroup
<-max_procs // remove one item from max_procs, hence allow more items to be added in
}(item) // you know what it does
wg.Wait() // wait (i.e. pause execution) until all the items in the wait group are done
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