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[Template for .leptonrc] This is a template for Lepton's configuration file. Please place it on your home directory. #lepton
"theme": "light",
"snippet": {
"expanded": true,
"newSnippetPrivate": false,
"sorting": "updated_at",
"sortingReverse": true
"editor" : {
"tabSize": 4
"userPanel": {
"hideProfilePhoto": false
"logger": {
"level": "debug"
"proxy": {
"enable": false,
"address": "socks://localhost:1080"
"enterprise": {
"enable": false,
"host": "github_enterprise_host",
"token": "token_with_gist_enabled",
"avatarUrl": "optional_avatar_url"

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commented Dec 28, 2017

FIELDS SUB-FIELDS OPTIONS (first option is default)
theme light | dark select light or dark theme
snippet expanded true | false expansion for snippets
newSnippetPrivate false | true privacy for new snippets
sorting updated_at | created_at | description snippets order
sortingReverse true | false reverse the order above
editor tabSize number the tab size (numer of spaces)
userPanel hideProfilePhoto false | true hide the profile photo
logger level info | debug logging level
proxy enable false | true enable proxy
address proxy address your proxy address
enterprise enable false | true enable GitHub Enterprise
host host address github enterprise host address
token token token with "gist" enabled
avatarUrl url to an avatar image (optional) url for an avartar

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commented Mar 11, 2018

Home directory on Windows

The home directory varies on different Windows distributions, but most of the time you can begin with the following path.


Home directory for Linux snap package

Experiment shows that app.getPath('home') used by Lepton to find .leptonrc doesn't point to ~ directory, it points to


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