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Checklist when adding a new F# project
- Do you have the latest mono?
- .travis.yml
- Ensure .Net is 4.5 or mono doesn't compile it
- Ensure all .Tests have App.config or Windows doesn't compile it
- Add the bloody app.config as content to the fsproj file or it doesn't end up in the output folder
- Remove reference to FSharp.Core because you're a effing bot who likes to edit XML
- `add -f` `paket-files/`-files to make it more approachable
- `system` doesn't work with quotes in albacore, use `sh` instead
- Stare at the build complexity here to
consider whether you want to support .Net Core
- Awe at some geezer at MSFT mort way of coding, by not providing a homebrew formula:
- ...and then breaking your PATH, or not making it work on OS X
- ...and then providing a broken cask formula
- Consider why on earth `dotnet` exits with code `1` but no other output
- Oh, Xamarin released new version of Xamarin Studio! I wonder what part of F# support they've now broken??
- Ah, never mind, they didn't break their F# add-in, they've BROKEN THEIR GARBAGE COLLECTOR AGAIN!!!
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