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the not-very-lazy ResultSet
(ns result-set-test.core
(:require [ :as jdbc]
[clojure.string :as str])
(:import (java.sql ResultSet)
(clojure.lang IReduceInit)))
(def sqlvec ["select left(md5(i::text), 10),
left(md5(random()::text), 4)
from generate_series(1, 100000000) s(i)"])
(def db-spec {:connection-uri "jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/postgres?user=postgres"})
(defn test1 []
(let [r (fn result-set-fn [rs]
(doseq [row rs]
(jdbc/with-db-transaction [db db-spec]
(jdbc/query db sqlvec {:concurrency :read-only
:fetch-size 1000
:result-type :forward-only
:result-set-fn r}))))
(defn reducible-result-set
[^ResultSet rs]
(reify IReduceInit
(reduce [this f init]
(let [rsmeta (.getMetaData rs)
idxs (range 1 (inc (.getColumnCount rsmeta)))
col (fn [^Integer i]
(.getColumnLabel rsmeta i))
val (fn [^Integer i]
(-> rs
(.getObject i)
(jdbc/result-set-read-column rsmeta i)))
keys (->> (map col idxs)
(map (comp keyword str/lower-case)))]
(loop [ret init]
(if (.next rs)
(let [ret (f ret (zipmap keys (map val idxs)))]
(if (reduced? ret)
(recur ret)))
(defn test2 []
(let [use-result-set (fn use-result-set [rs]
(into [] (comp (map (fn [x] nil))
(remove some?)) rs))
result-set-fn (fn result-set-fn [rs]
(use-result-set (reducible-result-set rs)))]
(jdbc/with-db-transaction [db db-spec]
(jdbc/db-query-with-resultset db sqlvec result-set-fn
{:concurrency :read-only
:fetch-size 1000
:result-type :forward-only}))))
[[org.clojure/clojure "1.9.0-alpha17"]
[org.clojure/java.jdbc "0.7.0-alpha3"]
[org.postgresql/postgresql "42.1.1.jre7"]]
:jvm-opts ["-Duser.timezone=UTC"
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