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How to install and use pip without sudo or admin on macOS

Install and use pip on macOS without sudo / admin access

Most recently tested on macOS Sierra (10.12.6)

  1. Download the installation script; curl -o ~/Downloads/
  2. Run the installation, appending the --user flag; python ~/Downloads/ --user. pip will be installed to ~/Library/Python/2.7/bin/pip
  3. Make sure ~/Library/Python/2.7/bin is in your $PATH. For bash users, edit the PATH= line in ~/.bashrc to append the local Python path; ie. PATH=$PATH:~/Library/Python/2.7/bin. Apply the changes, source ~/.bashrc.
  4. Use pip! Remember to append --user when installing modules; ie. pip install <package_name> --user


There is much discussion about making the user site the default for installation. See Issue 1668.


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zeeteegee commented Jul 25, 2018

Weird, I tried this on a youtube video, the same formula, yet copying the code from 1. and 2. on this worked.

Thank you. ( I am operating python 3.7 as well)


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robertherdzik commented Oct 12, 2018

❤️ thanks!


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dotku commented Apr 2, 2019

I don't like "--user" postfix either :(

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