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A minimal reimplementation of my Python script that renames computers using a Google sheet as a data source.
# Replace with the ID of your Google Sheet
/usr/bin/curl -L "${SHEET}" -o /tmp/serial-sheet.csv
/usr/local/bin/jamf setComputerName -fromFile /tmp/serial-sheet.csv
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AllWorkAndNoPlay commented Nov 9, 2022

When I run
/usr/bin/curl -L "${SHEET}" -o /tmp/serial-sheet.csv
with the correct URL, serial-sheet.csv would contain a HTML re-direct page.

The solution for me, was to pull the redirect page, extract the DL url from the re-direct page, and then download the file as CSV using the URL supplied by redirect page.

curl '' | grep moved | cut -d "=" -f2-3 | cut -d ">" -f1 | xargs curl -o /tmp/serial-sheet.csv

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JZADC commented Feb 1, 2023

@AllWorkAndNoPlay The script from haircut are downloading the file but exactly how you said. It cames as html.
When I try your command the file will be downloaded but not stored on my computer.

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JZADC commented Feb 1, 2023

Update: I got it. I've done some mistakes reading and understanding the script from @AllWorkAndNoPlay .
In the end the mistake was to try adding both scripts together and forget to adding the documentID in the URL from @AllWorkAndNoPlay

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