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Last active January 28, 2023 04:55
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Completely reset TCC services database in macOS
Completely reset TCC services database in macOS
Note: Both the system and individual users have TCC databases; run the script as both
a user and as root to completely reset TCC decisions at all levels.
2018-08-15: Resetting the 'Location' service fails; unknown cause
2018-08-16: Confirmed the 'All' service does not really reset _all_
services, so individual calls to each service is necessary.
2019-06-04: Still working in 10.15 beta :)
2019-08-16: Added new Catalina services (thanks @frogor)
2020-11-27: Corrected line `SystemPolicyDownloadsFolder` (thanks @tie)
import subprocess
if __name__ == "__main__":
for service in SERVICES:
cmd = ["/usr/bin/tccutil", "reset", service]
cmd, stderr=subprocess.PIPE
print "Reset", service
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
print "Unable to reset", service
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tie commented Mar 26, 2020

Line 51, SysyemPolicyDownloadsFolder should be SystemPolicyDownloadsFolder.

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bizzare commented Apr 4, 2022

The print commands needs to be updated

        print ("Reset"), service
        print ("Unable to reset"), service

or they error

"Syntax errors detected :

Line 67:
print "Reset", service
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'"

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