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The Final Product Submission of my GSoC 2016 Program

I've worked for “Create a sandbox interface for tests” of Intern testing framework as my task of GSoC 2016 program. This gist describes the works I have done during the program and serves as the Final Work Product Submission of the program.

First, I've inspected the project and learned the mechanism that make Intern (and Dojo) work. And successfully installed Intern to the one of my existing JavaScript project “AsianBreak.”

Secondary, as a proof of my understanding about Intern, I submitted a small pull request to the Intern repository. Unfortunately this patch was not merged into the repository because of the mismatch of ideology, but it was nice try for me to step into the Intern repository.

Finally, I've worked for the main goal of my proposal, and succefully submitted a pull request to accomplish the task. It is currently under review and waiting for the chance to merge.

2016-08-22 Koki Takahashi

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