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This question appears to be off-topic because it is about ...

Tutoring with a software named Wordpress, here a Tutorial for Extending it with a specific Plugin and an individual Theme.

Tutoring a Software Product named Magento.

a very individual problem without given any further reference to commons in programming in a useful manner. See also: Stack Overflow question checklist

a Debugging request of larger chunks of non-isolated code that may (or may not) contain the code the question asks about. Instead the code should be reduced the a bare minimum example code that outlines the problem and question in a compact and self-explaining manner.

a Debugging request of larger chunks of non-isolated code that may (or may not) contain the code the problem asks about however there will be much reason and many additional issues an answer would require to touch next to deciphering the problem from this large amount of code.

Please see the following question on meta: - Also please don't answer such broad questions, leave a comment if you feel like you've got something to share. Also consider to not "feed" users with little infromation bits if the question does not seem to have enough quality for this website. You degrade users a bit like animals that come back attracted by food. Just creating an analogy.

Please don't act like as if a user asking a question here on stackoverflow would be too stupid to use Google. It's somewhat embarassing to treat users like that. Also please don't feed with information bits if you've got the feeling that such is too obvious. Especially not on duplicate questions. So next time better first politely ask if the user could have taken the time to use an internet search engine and direct him/her to one in case he/she denies. Thank you.

Please do not just ask if there is a way to do something or if it is possible to do XYZ. Technically there always is a way if you use software you can change. Instead provide reference that make you think/believe that there is a concrete way to do so, then show what you've done so far (what you've posted in your question is pseudo-code at best it does not show what you've done so far). Only if you do that, it's clear what your concrete problem is and it can be clearly answered.

Even if someone were inclined to hold your hand through this, there isn't any detail here that would allow them to do so
*""not working" is not question."* ([Nanne](
What "does't work"? What do you get? Errors? Unexpected results? Dead kittens?
"It does not work" - great explanation of your problem, I'm contacting Charles Xavier to help me figure out what "does not work" means for you.
That's not a question; that's a Google request.
Your question has been already answered, as it has been asked before. Please do not duplicate questions and [use the search instead](
How about narrowing down the problem just a little bit for us?
possible duplicate of: [How to make a program do what I want not what a program does?](
Ask the sales departments there. Normally their personnel is not hanging around here and waiting for questions.
This calls for basic debugging first - which code is hit when the screen is blank?
Please do a `error_reporting(~0); ini_set('display_errors', 1);` at the very beginning of your script. Additionally you should [enable error logging]( and follow the error log.
SO isn't for scavenger quests, it's for helping you learn.
Which part of the error message do you not understand in specific?
*(tip)* [Do not use references](
If you're in the realm where you're having to worry about function call overhead, you're probably also in the realm where you need to reevaluate all data structures and algorithms used.
Welcome to Stackoverflow. Please follow the [ask advice]( you needed to confirm before posting *any* question. Keep in mind that only you want something and you ask yourself how it is programmed does not qualify as a programming question per-se.
A *500 Internal Sever Error* is ***always*** an invitation to look into the servers error log. It contains more information. As this is PHP, it's also highly likely that it is because of a *Fatal Error in PHP*, so ensuring that PHP error logging is enabled and looking into the PHP error log is very useful, too. [More about the 500 Internal Server Error](
Being new to a programming language is not a qualification per-se to turn every question mark you have in your head into a question on Stackoverflow. Just saying, take a look in the [ask advice]( and [FAQ]( about which questions are having the best chances to get answers.
Posting your code and inviting us to find your problems isn't the path to SO happiness and fulfilment. You need to be clearer and more specific about your problem (error messages, comparison of results against expected results, etc) and post only the minimum necessary code.
I'm sorry you took it that way.
Heya, welcome to SO! You should have a look at the FAQ and some of the other questions. You're in the right direction, but there's a few things that may stop folks from answering (and draw some downvotes), amongst others the use of CAPS, using links without some (short but relevant) code, formatting help, and too much focus on "please help" instead of relevant details. Note that you can edit your question at any time, or delete it and re-ask a new, improved question if you like.
By "no error", where did you check that ? Have you really tried to check HTTP logs ? If yes, increase the verbosity.
My Crystal Ball is out of order today
[Stack Overflow Closevote Backlog]( | [Mirror 1]( | What does [tag:cv-pls] mean:
If you do not get any errors and you feel unsure you can do some things to improve your situation: 1.) Enable error reporting to the highest level for debugging/development purposes. 2.) Check return values from functions for error conditions and report these errors your own. 3.) Verify each parameter you use for functions if it contains a valid value and is needed after all and that no important parameter is missing.
Please learn about functions first before you use them, that includes learning about the meaning of each parameter as well as learning about the return value and the type of error handling that is used with the function.
This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post - you can always comment on your own posts, and once you have sufficient [reputation]( you will be able to [comment on any post](

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Might be a nice addition for the plugin. Auto comments

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