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Bootstrap Button Toggle (On/Off Switch)

Working on a client project that will be using Bootstrap, and needed to build a toggle/switch that came in a couple different sizes. I wasn't seeing that as a built-in option within Bootstrap, and I didn't really like the ones already out there that I found from a quick search (I didn't want to use a plugin, just wanted it to utilize Bootstrap's built-in JS), so I decided to make my own.

This example is just using the default "Quick Add" Bootstrap CSS & JS, no added/custom JS on my part, I've simply utilized Bootstrap's buttons.js Single Toggle method ( and added some custom styling (LESS).

A Pen by Aanjulena Sweet on CodePen.


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Router::scope('/artist', ['controller' => 'Artists'], function ($routes) {
$routes->connect('/:id/:name', ['action' => 'view'], ['pass' => ['id']]);