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halfempty / rubin.html
Created October 9, 2023 19:07
Rubin scripts
<!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Ads: 646509206 -->
<script async type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
gtag('js', new Date());
gtag('config', 'AW-646509206');
gtag('event', 'conversion', {'send_to': 'AW-646509206/89afCKzcqc4BEJblo7QC'});
var file_frame;
// "mca_tray_button" is the ID of my button that opens the Media window
jQuery('#mca_tray_button').live('click', function( event ){
if ( file_frame ) {;
halfempty / instafeed.js
Created June 7, 2014 00:52
Instafeed example for @jerb0x
var feed = new Instafeed({
get: 'user',
userId: 636337139,
accessToken: '262351.467ede5.176ab1984b1d47e6b8dea518109d7a5e',
link: 'true',
clientId: '80aeda87e8c44281b83ce6f542a30933',
limit: '1',
sortBy: 'most-recent',
resolution: 'standard_resolution',
links: false,
halfempty / showhidetabs.html
Created June 4, 2012 19:06
Simple jQuery Show/Hide Tabs
<ul id="slidecontrols">
<li><a href="#one">One</li>
<li><a href="#two">Two</li>
<div id="slides">
<div>This is content block One</div>
<div>This is content block Two</div>
halfempty / fadeinout.html
Created June 4, 2012 18:54
Simple jQuery Fade-in/Fade-out slideshow
<div class="slideshow">
<img src="1.jpg" alt="Image One" />
<p class="controls"><a href="#2" class="next">Next</a></p>
<img src="2.jpg" alt="Image Two" />
<p class="controls"><a href="#1" class="prev">Prev</a> /
* @license
* MyFonts Webfont Build ID 3578304, 2018-05-10T17:17:43-0400
* The fonts listed in this notice are subject to the End User License
* Agreement(s) entered into by the website owner. All other parties are
* explicitly restricted from using the Licensed Webfonts(s).
* You may obtain a valid license at the URLs below.
halfempty / somejs.js
Last active May 24, 2017 22:17
Notes for Will
// Checking visibility
jQuery.fn.isScrolledIntoView = function () {
var thisOffset = $(this).offset().top;
var windowHeight = $(window).height();
var heightToThis = thisOffset - windowHeight;
var scrollPosition = $(window).scrollTop();
* @package Cecil
namespace Carnegie_Museums\Warhol\Theme;
use Carnegie_Museums\Warhol\Theme\Helpers;
if ( is_page('calendar-2') ) :
* Product Loop Start
* This template can be overridden by copying it to yourtheme/woocommerce/loop/loop-start.php.
* HOWEVER, on occasion WooCommerce will need to update template files and you
* (the theme developer) will need to copy the new files to your theme to
* maintain compatibility. We try to do this as little as possible, but it does
* happen. When this occurs the version of the template file will be bumped and
Dear Educator,
We look forward to your visit to the MCA! Please read this email thoroughly as it holds details for your upcoming tour:
<li><strong>Date and Time:</strong> {Creation Lab time slots, January:45}{Creation Lab time slots, February:42}{Creation Lab time slots, March:47}{Creation Lab time slots, April:50}{Creation Lab time slots, May:48}{Artist Led Tour time slots, January:43}{Artist Led Tour time slots, February:41}{Artist Led Tour time slots, March:49}{Artist Led Tour time slots, April:44}{Artist Led Tour time slots, May:46}{Off the Beaten Path time slots:51}</li>
<li><strong>Tour Type:</strong> {Tour Type:2}</li>
<li><strong>School Name:</strong> {School:21}</li>
<li><strong>Number of Students:</strong> {Number of Students:38}</li>