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@halhen halhen/atus-tidytext.R
Last active Jul 17, 2018

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# Data from
# Contains both 1st and 2nd level codes; collisions won't appear though since 1-99 is tier 1 and 100+ is two
df.names <- read_csv2('../data/atus/codes.csv') %>%
mutate(code = as.integer(code))
df.resp <- read_csv('../data/atus/atusresp.csv')
df.act <- read_csv('../data/atus/atusact.csv', col_types=cols(tustarttim = col_character(), tustoptime = col_character()))
df.sum <- read_csv('../data/atus/atussum.csv')
df <- df.act %>%
select(tucaseid, tuactivity_n, trcodep, trtier1p, trtier2p, tuactdur24) %>%
left_join(df.names %>% rename(activity = name), by=c('trcodep' = 'code')) %>%
left_join(df.sum %>% select(tucaseid, tesex, teage, tudiaryday, tryhhchild, tuyear, trsppres), by='tucaseid')
# Summary stats
df %>%
group_by(activity) %>%
summarize(n=n()) %>%
# tf-idf
df %>%
filter(teage >= 25, teage <= 45) %>%
filter(trtier1p != 18, trtier1p != 50) %>%
mutate(gender = ifelse(tesex==1, 'Male', 'Female'),
kids = ifelse(tryhhchild >= 0, 'Kids', 'No kids'),
group = paste0(kids, ' - ', gender)) %>%
group_by(gender, group, activity) %>%
summarize(n=n()) %>%
filter(n >= 20) %>%
bind_tf_idf(activity, group, n) %>%
group_by(group) %>%
top_n(10, tf_idf) %>%
ggplot(aes(reorder(activity, tf_idf), tf_idf, fill=gender)) +
geom_bar(stat='identity', show.legend=FALSE) +
scale_y_continuous(breaks=NULL) +
coord_flip() +
labs(x="", y="", title="Particular activities by gender and parenthood, 25-45 year olds", caption="@hnrklndbrg | Source: American Time Use Survey") +
facet_wrap(~ group, scales='free', ncol=2) +
ggsave('/tmp/gender.png', width=12, height=6)
df %>%
filter(trtier1p != 18, trtier1p != 50) %>%
filter(teage < 85) %>%
mutate( = trunc((teage + 5) / 10) * 10,
group = paste0( - 5, '-', + 4)) %>%
group_by(trtier1p, group, activity) %>%
summarize(n=n()) %>%
ungroup() %>%
filter(n >= 20) %>%
bind_tf_idf(activity, group, n) %>%
group_by(group) %>%
top_n(10, tf_idf) %>%
left_join(df.names %>% mutate(category = name), by=c('trtier1p'='code')) %>%
ggplot(aes(reorder(activity, tf_idf), tf_idf, fill=category)) +
geom_bar(stat='identity') +
scale_y_continuous(breaks=NULL) +
coord_flip() +
labs(x="", y="", title="Particular activities by age", caption="@hnrklndbrg | Source: American Time Use Survey") +
scale_fill_discrete(name='') +
facet_wrap(~ group, scales='free', ncol=2) +
hrbrthemes::theme_ipsum(grid='') +
theme(legend.position=c(0.7, 0.1))
ggsave('/tmp/age.png', width=12, height=12)
df.tmp <- df %>%
# exclude travel
filter(trtier1p != 18, trtier1p != 50) %>%
filter(tuyear >= 2013) %>%
filter(tudiaryday == 5) %>%
group_by(tucaseid, activity) %>%
lda <- df.tmp %>%
cast_dtm(tucaseid, activity, n) %>%
# Classify and join with summary file to get demographics
df.tmp2 <- tidy(lda, matrix='gamma') %>%
group_by(document) %>%
filter(gamma == max(gamma)) %>%
left_join(df.sum %>% mutate(document = as.character(tucaseid)), by='document')
(p.demo <- df.tmp2 %>%
filter(teage < 85) %>%
mutate( = trunc((teage + 5) / 10) * 10, = paste0( - 5, '-', + 4)) %>%
gender = ifelse(tesex == 1, 'Male', 'Female'),
age =,
kids = ifelse(tryhhchild >= 0, 'Kids', 'No kids')) %>%
gather(key, value, gender:kids) %>%
group_by(topic, key, value) %>%
summarize(n=n()) %>%
mutate(p=n/sum(n)) %>%
ggplot(aes(value, p, fill=factor(topic))) +
geom_bar(stat='identity', show.legend=FALSE) +
scale_y_continuous(labels=scales::percent) +
facet_grid(topic~key, scales='free_x', space='free_x') +
labs(x="", y="") +
hrbrthemes::theme_ipsum(grid='Y') +
(p.dim <- lda %>%
tidy(matrix='beta') %>%
filter(term != 'Sleeping') %>%
group_by(topic) %>%
top_n(10, beta) %>%
ggplot(aes(reorder(term, beta), beta, fill=factor(topic))) +
geom_bar(stat='identity', show.legend=FALSE) +
coord_flip() +
scale_y_continuous(labels=function(x) {rep("", length(x))}) +
labs(x="", y="") +
facet_grid(topic~., scales='free') +
hrbrthemes::theme_ipsum(grid='') +
(p <- gridExtra::grid.arrange(p.dim, p.demo, ncol=2))
ggsave('/tmp/lda.png', plot=p, width=12, height=10)
We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: It looks like row 8 should actually have 1 column, instead of 2.
01;Personal Care Activities
0103;Health-related self care
0104;Personal Activities
0105;Personal Care Emergencies
0199;Personal care, n.e.c.*
02;Household Activities
0202;Food & Drink Preparation, Presentation, & Clean-up
0203;Interior Maintenance, Repair & Decoration
0204;Exterior Maintenance, Repair & Decoration
0205;Lawn, Garden, and Houseplants
0206;Animals and Pets
0208;Appliances, Tools, and Toys
0209;Household Management
0299;Household activities, n.e.c.*
03;Caring For & Helping Household (HH) Members
0301;Caring For & Helping HH Children
0302;Activities Related to HH Children's Education
0303;Activities Related to HH Children's Health
0304;Caring for Household Adults
0305;Helping Household Adults
0399;Caring For & Helping NonHH Members
04;Caring for & Helping Nonhousehold (NonHH) Members
0401;Caring for & Helping Nonhousehold Children
0402;Activities Related to Nonhh Children's Education
0403;Activities Related to Nonhh Children's Health
0404;Caring For Nonhousehold Adults
0405;Helping Nonhousehold Adults
0499;Caring For & Helping Nonhousehold Adults, n.e.c.*
05;Work & Work-Related Activities
0502;Work-Related Activities
0503;Other Income-Generating Activities
0504;Job Search and Interviewing
0599;Work and Work-Related Activities, n.e.c.*
0601;Taking Class
0602;Extracurricular School Activities (Except Sports)
0604;Registration/Administrative activities
0699;Education, n.e.c.*
07;Consumer Purchases
0701;Shopping (Store, Telephone, Internet)
0702;Researching Purchases
0703;Security Procedures Related to Consumer Purchases
0799;Consumer Purchases, n.e.c.*
08;Professional & Personal Care Services
0801;Professional & Personal Care Services
0802;Financial Services and Banking
0803;Legal Services
0804;Medical and Care Services
0805;Personal Care Services
0806;Real Estate
0807;Veterinary Services (excluding grooming)
0808;Security Procedures Related to Professional/Personal Services
0899;Professional and Personal Services, n.e.c.*
09;Household Services
0901;Household Services (not done by self)
0902;Home Maintenance/Repair/Décor/Construction (not done by self)
0903;Pet Services (not done by self, not vet)
0904;Lawn & Garden Services (not done by self)
0905;Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Services (not done by self)
0999;Household Services, n.e.c.*
10;Government Services & Civic Obligations
1001;Using Government Services
1002;Civic Obligations & Participation
1003;Waiting Associated w/ Government Services or Civic Obligations
1004;Security Procedures Related to Government Services or Civic Obligations
1099;Government services, n.e.c.*
11;Eating and Drinking
1101;Eating and Drinking
1102;Waiting associated with Eating & Drinking
1199;Eating and Drinking, n.e.c.*
12;Socializing, Relaxing, and Leisure
1201;Socializing and Communicating
1202;Attending or Hosting Social Events
1203;Relaxing and Leisure
1204;Arts and Entertainment (other than sports)
1205;Waiting associated with Socializing, Relaxing, and Leisure
1299;Socializing, Relaxing, and Leisure, n.e.c.*
13;Sports, Exercise, & Recreation
1301;Participating in Sports, Exercise, and Recreation
1302;Attending Sports/Recreational Events
1303;Waiting Associated with Sports, Exercise, & Recreation
1304;Security Procedures Related to Sports, Exercise, & Recreation
1399;Sports, Exercise, and Recreation, n.e.c.*
14;Religious and Spiritual Activities
1401;Religious/Spiritual Practices
1499;Religious and Spiritual Practices, n.e.c.*
15;Volunteer Activities
1501;Administrative & Support Activities
1502;Social Service & Care Activities (Except Medical)
1503;Indoor & Outdoor Maintenance, Building, & Clean-up Activities
1504;Participating in Performance & Cultural Activities
1505;Attending Meetings, Conferences, & Training
1506;Public Health & Safety Activities
1599;Volunteer Activities, n.e.c.*
16;Telephone Calls
1601;Telephone Calls (to or from)
1699;Telephone Calls, n.e.c.*
1801;Travel Related to Personal Care
1802;Travel Related to Household Activities
1803;Travel Related to Caring For & Helping Household Members
1804;Travel Related to Caring For & Helping Nonhousehold Members
1805;Travel Related to Work
1806;Travel Related to Education
1807;Travel Related to Consumer Purchases
1808;Travel Related to Using Professional and Personal Care Services
1809;Travel Related to Using Household Services
1810;Travel Related to Using Government Services & Civic Obligations
1811;Travel Related to Eating and Drinking
1812;Travel Related to Socializing, Relaxing, and Leisure
1813;Travel Related to Sports, Exercise, and Recreation
50;Data Codes
5001;Unable to Code
5099;Data codes, n.e.c.*
010199;Sleeping, n.e.c.*
010201;Washing, dressing and grooming oneself
010299;Grooming, n.e.c.*
010301;Health-related self care
010399;Self care, n.e.c.*
010401;Personal/Private activities
010499;Personal activities, n.e.c.*
010501;Personal emergencies
010599;Personal care emergencies, n.e.c.*
019999;Personal care, n.e.c.*
020101;Interior cleaning
020103;Sewing, repairing, & maintaining textiles
020104;Storing interior hh items, inc. food
020199;Housework, n.e.c.*
020201;Food and drink preparation
020202;Food presentation
020203;Kitchen and food clean-up
020299;Food & drink prep, presentation, & clean-up, n.e.c.*
020301;Interior arrangement, decoration, & repairs
020302;Building and repairing furniture
020303;Heating and cooling
020399;Interior maintenance, repair, & decoration, n.e.c.*
020401;Exterior cleaning
020402;Exterior repair, improvements, & decoration
020499;Exterior maintenance, repair & decoration, n.e.c.*
020501;Lawn, garden, and houseplant care
020502;Ponds, pools, and hot tubs
020599;Lawn and garden, n.e.c.*
020681;Care for animals and pets (not veterinary care)
020699;Pet and animal care, n.e.c.*
020701;Vehicle repair and maintenance (by self)
020799;Vehicles, n.e.c.*
020801;Appliance, tool, and toy set-up, repair, & maintenance (by self)
020899;Appliances and tools, n.e.c.*
020901;Financial management
020902;Household & personal organization and planning
020903;HH & personal mail & messages (except e-mail)
020904;HH & personal e-mail and messages
020905;Home security
020999;Household management, n.e.c.*
029999;Household activities, n.e.c.*
030101;Physical care for hh children
030102;Reading to/with hh children
030103;Playing with hh children, not sports
030104;Arts and crafts with hh children
030105;Playing sports with hh children
030186;Talking with/listening to hh children
030108;Organization & planning for hh children
030109;Looking after hh children (as a primary activity)
030110;Attending hh children's events
030111;Waiting for/with hh children
030112;Picking up/dropping off hh children
030199;Caring for & helping hh children, n.e.c.*
030201;Homework (hh children)
030202;Meetings and school conferences (hh children)
030203;Home schooling of hh children
030204;Waiting associated with hh children's education
030299;Activities related to hh child's education, n.e.c.*
030301;Providing medical care to hh children
030302;Obtaining medical care for hh children
030303;Waiting associated with hh children's health
030399;Activities related to hh child's health, n.e.c.*
030401;Physical care for hh adults
030402;Looking after hh adult (as a primary activity)
030403;Providing medical care to hh adult
030404;Obtaining medical and care services for hh adult
030405;Waiting associated with caring for household adults
030499;Caring for household adults, n.e.c.*
030501;Helping hh adults
030502;Organization & planning for hh adults
030503;Picking up/dropping off hh adult
030504;Waiting associated with helping hh adults
030599;Helping household adults, n.e.c.*
039999;Caring for & helping hh members, n.e.c.*
040101;Physical care for nonhh children
040102;Reading to/with nonhh children
040103;Playing with nonhh children, not sports
040104;Arts and crafts with nonhh children
040105;Playing sports with nonhh children
040186;Talking with/listening to nonhh children
040108;Organization & planning for nonhh children
040109;Looking after nonhh children (as primary activity)
040110;Attending nonhh children's events
040111;Waiting for/with nonhh children
040112;Dropping off/picking up nonhh children
040199;Caring for and helping nonhh children, n.e.c.*
040201;Homework (nonhh children)
040202;Meetings and school conferences (nonhh children)
040203;Home schooling of nonhh children
040204;Waiting associated with nonhh children's education
040299;Activities related to nonhh child's educ., n.e.c.*
040301;Providing medical care to nonhh children
040302;Obtaining medical care for nonhh children
040303;Waiting associated with nonhh children's health
040399;Activities related to nonhh child's health, n.e.c.*
040401;Physical care for nonhh adults
040402;Looking after nonhh adult (as a primary activity)
040403;Providing medical care to nonhh adult
040404;Obtaining medical and care services for nonhh adult
040405;Waiting associated with caring for nonhh adults
040499;Caring for nonhh adults, n.e.c.*
040501;Housework, cooking, & shopping assistance for nonhh adults
040502;House & lawn maintenance & repair assistance for nonhh adults
040503;Animal & pet care assistance for nonhh adults
040504;Vehicle & appliance maintenance/repair assistance for nonhh adults
040505;Financial management assistance for nonhh adults
040506;Household management & paperwork assistance for nonhh adults
040507;Picking up/dropping off nonhh adult
040508;Waiting associated with helping nonhh adults
049999;Caring for & helping nonhh members, n.e.c.*
050101;Work, main job
050102;Work, other job(s)
050103;Security procedures related to work
050189;Working, n.e.c.*
050201;Socializing, relaxing, and leisure as part of job
050202;Eating and drinking as part of job
050203;Sports and exercise as part of job
050204;Security procedures as part of job
050301;Income-generating hobbies, crafts, and food
050302;Income-generating performances
050303;Income-generating services
050304;Income-generating rental property activities
050389;Other income-generating activities, n.e.c.*
050481;Job search activities
050403;Job interviewing
050404;Waiting associated with job search or interview
050405;Security procedures rel. to job search/interviewing
059999;Work and work-related activities, n.e.c.*
060101;Taking class for degree, certification, or licensure
060102;Taking class for personal interest
060103;Waiting associated with taking classes
060104;Security procedures rel. to taking classes
060199;Taking class, n.e.c.*
060201;Extracurricular club activities
060202;Extracurricular music & performance activities
060203;Extracurricular student government activities
060289;Education-related extracurricular activities, n.e.c.*
060301;Research/homework for class for degree, certification, or licensure
060302;Research/homework for class for pers. interest
060303;Waiting associated with research/homework
060401;Administrative activities: class for degree, certification, or licensure
060403;Waiting associated w/admin. activities (education)
060499;Administrative for education, n.e.c.*
069999;Education, n.e.c.*
070101;Grocery shopping
070102;Purchasing gas
070103;Purchasing food (not groceries)
070104;Shopping, except groceries, food and gas
070105;Waiting associated with shopping
070199;Shopping, n.e.c.*
070201;Comparison shopping
070301;Security procedures rel. to consumer purchases
070399;Security procedures rel. to consumer purchases, n.e.c.*
079999;Consumer purchases, n.e.c.*
080101;Using paid childcare services
080102;Waiting associated w/purchasing childcare svcs
080199;Using paid childcare services, n.e.c.*
080202;Using other financial services
080203;Waiting associated w/banking/financial services
080299;Using financial services and banking, n.e.c.*
080301;Using legal services
080302;Waiting associated with legal services
080399;Using legal services, n.e.c.*
080401;Using health and care services outside the home
080402;Using in-home health and care services
080403;Waiting associated with medical services
080499;Using medical services, n.e.c.*
080501;Using personal care services
080502;Waiting associated w/personal care services
080599;Using personal care services, n.e.c.*
080601;Activities rel. to purchasing/selling real estate
080602;Waiting associated w/purchasing/selling real estate
080699;Using real estate services, n.e.c.*
080701;Using veterinary services
080702;Waiting associated with veterinary services
080801;Security procedures rel. to professional/personal svcs.
080899;Security procedures rel. to professional/personal svcs n.e.c.*
089999;Professional and personal services, n.e.c.*
090101;Using interior cleaning services
090102;Using meal preparation services
090103;Using clothing repair and cleaning services
090104;Waiting associated with using household services
090199;Using household services, n.e.c.*
090201;Using home maint/repair/décor/construction svcs
090202;Waiting associated w/ home main/repair/décor/constr
090299;Using home maint/repair/décor/constr services, n.e.c.*
090301;Using pet services
090302;Waiting associated with pet services
090399;Using pet services, n.e.c.*
090401;Using lawn and garden services
090402;Waiting associated with using lawn & garden services
090499;Using lawn and garden services, n.e.c.*
090502;Waiting associated with vehicle main. or repair svcs
090599;Using vehicle maint. & repair svcs, n.e.c.*
099999;Using household services, n.e.c.*
100101;Using police and fire services
100102;Using social services
100103;Obtaining licenses & paying fines, fees, taxes
100199;Using government services, n.e.c.*
100201;Civic obligations & participation
100299;Civic obligations & participation, n.e.c.*
100381;Waiting associated with using government services
100383;Waiting associated w/civic obligations & participation
100399;Waiting assoc. w/govt svcs or civic obligations, n.e.c.*
100401;Security procedures rel. to govt svcs/civic obligations
100499;Security procedures rel. to govt svcs/civic obligations, n.e.c.*
109999;Government services, n.e.c.*
110101;Eating and drinking
110199;Eating and drinking, n.e.c.*
110281;Waiting associated w/eating & drinking
110289;Waiting associated with eating & drinking, n.e.c.*
119999;Eating and drinking, n.e.c.*
120101;Socializing and communicating with others
120199;Socializing and communicating, n.e.c.*
120201;Attending or hosting parties/receptions/ceremonies
120202;Attending meetings for personal interest (not volunteering)
120299;Attending/hosting social events, n.e.c.*
120301;Relaxing, thinking
120302;Tobacco and drug use
120303;Television and movies (not religious)
120304;Television (religious)
120305;Listening to the radio
120306;Listening to/playing music (not radio)
120307;Playing games
120308;Computer use for leisure (exc. Games)
120309;Arts and crafts as a hobby
120310;Collecting as a hobby
120311;Hobbies, except arts & crafts and collecting
120312;Reading for personal interest
120313;Writing for personal interest
120399;Relaxing and leisure, n.e.c.*
120401;Attending performing arts
120402;Attending museums
120403;Attending movies/film
120404;Attending gambling establishments
120405;Security procedures rel. to arts & entertainment
120499;Arts and entertainment, n.e.c.*
120502;Waiting assoc. w/attending/hosting social events
120503;Waiting associated with relaxing/leisure
120504;Waiting associated with arts & entertainment
120599;Waiting associated with socializing, n.e.c.*
129999;Socializing, relaxing, and leisure, n.e.c.*
130101;Doing aerobics
130102;Playing baseball
130103;Playing basketball
130105;Playing billiards
130108;Climbing, spelunking, caving
130110;Participating in equestrian sports
130113;Playing football
130115;Doing gymnastics
130117;Playing hockey
130119;Participating in martial arts
130120;Playing racquet sports
130121;Participating in rodeo competitions
130123;Playing rugby
130125;Skiing, ice skating, snowboarding
130126;Playing soccer
130128;Using cardiovascular equipment
130129;Vehicle touring/racing
130130;Playing volleyball
130132;Participating in water sports
130133;Weightlifting/strength training
130134;Working out, unspecified
130136;Doing yoga
130199;Playing sports n.e.c.*
130201;Watching aerobics
130202;Watching baseball
130203;Watching basketball
130204;Watching biking
130205;Watching billiards
130206;Watching boating
130207;Watching bowling
130208;Watching climbing, spelunking, caving
130209;Watching dancing
130210;Watching equestrian sports
130211;Watching fencing
130212;Watching fishing
130213;Watching football
130214;Watching golfing
130215;Watching gymnastics
130216;Watching hockey
130217;Watching martial arts
130218;Watching racquet sports
130219;Watching rodeo competitions
130220;Watching rollerblading
130221;Watching rugby
130222;Watching running
130223;Watching skiing, ice skating, snowboarding
130224;Watching soccer
130225;Watching softball
130226;Watching vehicle touring/racing
130227;Watching volleyball
130228;Watching walking
130229;Watching water sports
130230;Watching weightlifting/strength training
130231;Watching people working out, unspecified
130232;Watching wrestling
130301;Waiting related to playing sports or exercising
130302;Waiting related to attending sporting events
130399;Waiting associated with sports, exercise, & recreation, n.e.c.*
130401;Security related to playing sports or exercising
130402;Security related to attending sporting events
130499;Security related to sports, exercise, & recreation, n.e.c.*
140101;Attending religious services
140102;Participation in religious practices
140103;Waiting associated w/religious & spiritual activities
140104;Security procedures rel. to religious & spiritual activities
140105;Religious education activities
149999;Religious and spiritual activities, n.e.c.*
150101;Computer use
150102;Organizing and preparing
150104;Telephone calls (except hotline counseling)
150199;Administrative & support activities, n.e.c.*
150201;Food preparation, presentation, clean-up
150202;Collecting & delivering clothing & other goods
150203;Providing care
150204;Teaching, leading, counseling, mentoring
150299;Social service & care activities, n.e.c.*
150301;Building houses, wildlife sites, & other structures
150302;Indoor & outdoor maintenance, repair, & clean-up
150399;Indoor & outdoor maintenance, building & clean-up activities, n.e.c.*
150499;Participating in performance & cultural activities, n.e.c.*
150501;Attending meetings, conferences, & training
150599;Attending meetings, conferences, & training, n.e.c.*
150601;Public health activities
150602;Public safety activities
150699;Public health & safety activities, n.e.c.*
159989;Volunteer activities, n.e.c.*
160101;Telephone calls to/from family members
160102;Telephone calls to/from friends, neighbors, or acquaintances
160103;Telephone calls to/from education services providers
160104;Telephone calls to/from salespeople
160105;Telephone calls to/from professional or personal care svcs providers
160106;Telephone calls to/from household services providers
160108;Telephone calls to/from government officials
169989;Telephone calls, n.e.c.*
180101;Travel related to personal care
180199;Travel related to personal care, n.e.c.*
180280;Travel related to household activities
180381;Travel related to caring for and helping hh children
180382;Travel related to caring for and helping hh adults
180399;Travel rel. to caring for & helping hh members, n.e.c.*
180481;Travel related to caring for and helping nonhh children
180482;Travel related to caring for and helping nonhh adults
180499;Travel rel. to caring for & helping nonhh members, n.e.c.*
180501;Travel related to working
180502;Travel related to work-related activities
180589;Travel related to work, n.e.c.*
180601;Travel related to taking class
180699;Travel related to education, n.e.c.*
180701;Travel related to grocery shopping
180782;Travel related to shopping (except grocery shopping)
180801;Travel related to using childcare services
180802;Travel related to using financial services and banking
180803;Travel related to using legal services
180804;Travel related to using medical services
180805;Travel related to using personal care services
180806;Travel related to using real estate services
180807;Travel related to using veterinary services
180899;Travel rel. to using prof. & personal care services, n.e.c.*
180901;Travel related to using household services
180902;Travel related to using home main./repair/décor./construction svcs
180903;Travel related to using pet services (not vet)
180904;Travel related to using lawn and garden services
180905;Travel related to using vehicle maintenance & repair services
180999;Travel related to using household services, n.e.c.*
181002;Travel related to civic obligations & participation
181099;Travel rel. to govt svcs & civic obligations, n.e.c.*
181101;Travel related to eating and drinking
181199;Travel related to eating and drinking, n.e.c.*
181201;Travel related to socializing and communicating
181202;Travel related to attending or hosting social events
181283;Travel related to relaxing and leisure
181204;Travel related to arts and entertainment
181299;Travel rel. to socializing, relaxing, & leisure, n.e.c.*
181301;Travel related to participating in sports/exercise/recreation
181302;Travel related to attending sporting/recreational events
181399;Travel related to sports, exercise, & recreation, n.e.c.*
181401;Travel related to religious/spiritual practices
181499;Travel rel. to religious/spiritual activities, n.e.c.*
181501;Travel related to volunteering
181599;Travel related to volunteer activities, n.e.c.*
181601;Travel related to phone calls
181699;Travel rel. to phone calls, n.e.c.*
181801;Security procedures related to traveling
181899;Security procedures related to traveling, n.e.c.*
189999;Traveling, n.e.c.*
509989;Insufficient detail in verbatim
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