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Last active August 21, 2019 17:18
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Community guidelines for participating in the Halihax Slack group.


#Halihax is a place to collaborate, ask questions, discuss new products, find work, get feedback and keep up on local events.

We’ve developed a loose set of guidelines to help you navigate the community:


We encourage members to create meaningful and respectful discussion around their experiences and projects/products.

We have a number of topic channels. If the subject you wish to discuss does not fit in one of these channels, please use the #Halihax channel. If the discussion in #Halihax would be best suited in a topic, try to migrate your discussion there.


All members of #Halihax are encouraged to introduce themselves in the #Halihax channel upon arrival. Give the community a short description of who you are and what you’re working on. Feel free to share what you are looking to get out of the community, as well.


We encourage members to use their real name and represent themselves with a profile photo. Do not misrepresent yourself.


#Halihax is a community of professionals. Although the community permits a wide range of humour and profanity, please be respectful and courteous to other members.

As with any large group of people, disagreements will happen. We understand that you’ll have some strong opinions, but we still expect courtesy during a debate, and expect you to refrain from personal attacks.


Using a new fangled tool called Community Bot, we've enabled you to nominate new members. Use the /nominate command to suggest someone to be invited to the community.


The #jobs channel is the best place to post any roles you are looking for, or are looking to fill. If you are a recruitment professional, we ask that you do not direct message users to advertise a role you are filling.


Failure to adhere to the community guidelines can result in your messages being removed (either automatically by our bot, or at an administrator’s discretion). Repeated violation will result in loss of access to the community.

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