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LearnPress was made totally translatable. The language file of LearnPress - **learnpress.pot** is put in **learnpress/lang/** folder, there are many ways for you to translate this file that works. In this tutorial, I will introduce 2 popular methods - using Loco plugin and Poedit.

But first, in order to change WordPress language, you change the Site Language in the Settings > General in WordPress dashboard. WordPress Language Set Up

###Translate LearnPress using Loco plugin

First, you have install Loco plugin. After installing Loco Plugin, in the Manage Translation, you can see LearnPress are listed with available languages files. If you do not find your language, click to **add language** to add your new translation. ![Loco Add new language](

Choose the language you want to translate. Loco Choose Language

Click to start translating Loco start translate

###Translate LearnPress using Poedit

First, just download and install [Poedit]( After installing Poedit, open it and click to **Create new translation** ![Poedit Add New translation](

And choose file learnpress.pot in learnpress/lang/ folder

Poedit Choose File

Choose language you want to translate and start Poedit Choose Language to translate

###LearnPress Transifex Project

Finally, if you want to contribute your translation to LearnPress. You can request to join LearnPress project on [Transifex]( You can directly translate LearnPress on Transifex or you can upload your local translate to Transifex. ![Transifex Project](

If you have any questions bout translating LearnPress, you can ask us on LearnPress WordPress forum

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