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Last active June 3, 2018 13:27
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MicroPython for Wemos D1 mini to read temperature/humidity and report to InfluxDB
import urequests
from time import sleep
from machine import Pin, reset
p2 = Pin(2, Pin.OUT)
def TempSensReport():
from sht30 import SHT30
sensor = SHT30()
url = "http://orangepipc:8086/write?db=wemos_d1"
for i in range(0,LENGTH+1):
print('Reboot in %d minutes' % (LENGTH-i))
# turn on the WeMOS LED
# measure values
temperature, humidity = sensor.measure()
temp = "temp_C,host=%s value=%.02f" % (HOST,temperature)
hum = "rel_humidity,host=%s value=%.02f" % (HOST,humidity)
# send to InfluxDB API,data=temp),data=hum)
# print on uart for warm fuzzy feeling
print('Temperature:', temperature, ' C, RH:', humidity, '%')
# turn off LED
# reboot every range*LENGTH
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wthomson commented Jun 3, 2018

Line 15 says # turn on the WeMOS LED
Line 16 says

Line 26 says # turn off LED
Line 27 says p2.on()

Shouldn't the command lines agree with their respective comments?

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