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hamilton verissimo hammett

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"rust.mode": "legacy",
"rust.rustup": {
// "toolchain": "stable-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc"
"toolchain": "stable-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu"
"editor.renderWhitespace": "none"
hammett /
Created Jul 30, 2017
rust experiment: dumb reverse index
fn main() {
use reverse_index::*;
let s1 = "Often, a simple if/else isn’t enough, because you have more than two possible options. Also, conditions can get quite complex. Rust has has a keyword, match, that allows you to replace complicated if/else groupings with something more powerful. It is match. Check it out:";
let s2 = "Strings are ordered lexicographically by their byte values. This orders Unicode code points based more on their positions in the code charts. This is not necessarily the same as alphabetical order, which varies by language and locale. Sorting strings according to culturally-accepted standards requires locale-specific data that is outside the scope of the str type";
let doc1 = parse(&s1);
let doc2 = parse(&s2);
let query = "simple more";
hammett / ringbuffer.cs
Created Dec 31, 2015
stream ring buffer
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internal class RingBufferStream : Stream
private const int BufferSize = 1024;
private volatile int _totalLen = 0;
private volatile int _readPosition = -1;
private volatile int _writePosition = -1;
private readonly ManualResetEventSlim _locker = new ManualResetEventSlim(false);
private readonly byte[] _buffer;
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%% The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public License
%% Version 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
%% compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License
%% at
%% Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS"
%% basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See
%% the License for the specific language governing rights and
%% limitations under the License.
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private func validateInputs() -> Bool {
let nonEmpty = {
(data:String!) -> Bool in
return count(data) != 0
func inRange (min: Int!, max:Int!) -> (String!) -> Bool {
return { (data:String!) -> Bool in
let dataAsInt = data.toInt()
return (dataAsInt! >= min && dataAsInt! <= max)
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data = {
orgs: [
{ key: 'orgkey', name: 'orgname',
projects: [
{ key: 'projkey', name: 'projname' }
] }
hammett / gist:11095200
Created Apr 19, 2014
mocha + firebase + event emitter
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it("responds to 'new_user' event", function(done) {
var user = new Model.User({
'email': '',
'name': 'testing'
_root.child('/users/').once('child_added', function(data) {
var userData = data.val();
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var app = require('../app');
var request = require('supertest');
describe('app', function() {
before(function(done) {
var server = app.listen(1900, done);
it('404 works', function() {
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public ActionResult Access(Repository repos, AcceptableMedia accepts, bool isLastResourceInPath)
if (isLastResourceInPath && accepts.Prefers(MimeTypes.Html))
return new ContentNegotiatedResult();
return EmptyResult.Instance;
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public class MsMvcHandler : Castle.MonoRail.Hosting.ComposableHandler
public override bool TryProcessRequest(HttpContextBase request)
var routeData = RouteTable.Routes.GetRouteData(request);
if (routeData != null)
var routeHandler = routeData.RouteHandler;
var requestContext = new RequestContext(request, routeData);
IHttpHandler httpHandler = routeHandler.GetHttpHandler(requestContext);