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$(patsubst %, pensions_%.reordered.csv, $(shell seq 2012 1 2017)) : data/raw/pensions_2012-2017.csv
# some other operations on the downloaded/inflated pensions data
data/raw/pensions_%.csv : data/raw/pensions_%.tar
cd $(dir $@) && tar xvfz $(notdir $<)
data/raw/pensions_%.tar :
wget --no-use-server-timestamps \$(notdir $@) -O $@
response =
response_data = json.loads('utf-8'))
# {
# "status": "ok",
# "matches": [
# {
from lxml import etree
html = '''
<h3>Offense: A Tale of Two Halves</h3>
<p>For a while there, it seemed the Bears' offense might never show up in London. The unit generated just two first downs and 44 total yards in the first half. Then <strong>Chase Daniel</strong> s
tarted hitting his spots, aided with some stellar work by <strong>Allen Robinson</strong> and <strong>Anthony Miller</strong>, to get the rally going. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late wi
th the defense not playing at its best.</p>
<h5>By the numbers:</h5>
<li><strong>194 PASSING YARDS:</strong> Daniel had some good moments in completing 22 of 30 passes for 231 yards, but <a href="
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Employer ID
City of Chicago 16
Chicago 16
Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority 53
Metropolitan Pier Exposition Authority 53
Third Lake 364
Village Of Third Lake 364
Fox Valley Park District 519
Fox Valley Park District 519
Homewood Flossmoor Park District 541
# usage: python /path/to/your/file.csv
import csv
import sys
import re
def days_from_interval(interval):
if interval == 'never':
return None

🤖 Make some data

Your mission

Write a Makefile that gets data from and creates a CSV of the 50 most recent datasets uploaded. For each dataset, the output should include:

  • The name of the dataset
  • The date it was uploaded
  • A download link
from django.db.models import Q
condition = Q()
employers = Employer.objects.all()
if params:
if params.get('name'):
employers = employers.annotate(search_vector=SearchVector('name'))
TABLES=$(mdb-tables /path/to/YOUR_ACCDB.accdb); \
for TABLE in $TABLES; \
do mdb-export /path/to/YOUR_ACCDB.accdb $TABLE > /path/to/$TABLE.csv; \
hancush /
Last active Mar 7, 2018
store django model-related files in s3

Install django-storages:

pip install django-storages

Add to settings:

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# header
here's what this is
import pandas as pd
data = pd.read_csv('path/to/your/data') # returns a dataframe