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package com.handstandsam.mutablestateflow
import kotlinx.coroutines.flow.MutableStateFlow
import kotlinx.coroutines.test.runBlockingTest
import org.junit.Test
class UseImmutableDataWithMutableStateFlow {
data class SomePojo(var name: String = "placeholder")
fun testMutableDataIsBad() = runBlockingTest {
val somePojo = SomePojo()
val mutableStateFlow = MutableStateFlow(somePojo)
println("INITIAL: ${mutableStateFlow.value}")
// Update the value = "Something Different"
// Assign the new value to the MutableStateFlow
println("CURRENT: ${mutableStateFlow.value}")
mutableStateFlow.value = somePojo
println("UPDATED: ${mutableStateFlow.value}")
// It's the same object you already modified and therefore the value is the same,
// and no emission will occur from the MutableStateFlow
INITIAL: SomePojo(name=placeholder)
CURRENT: SomePojo(name=Something Different)
UPDATED: SomePojo(name=Something Different)
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norrisboat commented May 28, 2021

Thanks very much for this

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