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Sam Edwards handstandsam

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handstandsam /
Last active Mar 27, 2022
Python Script to parse permissions from an AndroidManifest.xml file, and sort them alphabetically.
from xml.dom.minidom import parseString
# Documentation on Permissions in AndroidManifest.xml
data = '' # string data from file
with open('AndroidManifest.xml', 'r') as f:
data =
dom = parseString(data) # parse file contents to xml dom
handstandsam / InstallReferrerExt.kt
Created Feb 28, 2022
Install Referrer KTX - Kotlin Coroutine friendly wrapper for the Google Play's InstallReferrerClient API. This API is used to ask Google Play about where the installation originated.
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import android.content.Context
import android.os.RemoteException
import kotlinx.coroutines.CompletableDeferred
handstandsam / PokeballCompose.kt
Created Jan 16, 2022
Draw a Pokeball on Canvas using Jetpack Compose
View PokeballCompose.kt
import androidx.compose.animation.core.Animatable
import androidx.compose.animation.core.LinearEasing
import androidx.compose.animation.core.tween
handstandsam / Actor.kt
Created Dec 14, 2021
There is no support for Actor in Kotlin Multiplatform, nor is it planned. More info: What are the flaws of this?
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* JVM Implementation from KotlinX Coroutines
public fun <E>
context: CoroutineContext = EmptyCoroutineContext,
capacity: Int = 0, // todo: Maybe Channel.DEFAULT here?
start: CoroutineStart = CoroutineStart.DEFAULT,
onCompletion: CompletionHandler? = null,
handstandsam / Dropdown.kt
Created Jul 20, 2021
Jetpack Compose Snippets
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fun DropdownComposable(items: List<String> = listOf("A", "B", "C"), onClick: (String) -> Unit) {
var expanded by remember { mutableStateOf(false) }
var selectedIndex by remember { mutableStateOf(0) }
modifier = Modifier
) {
text = state.value.eventName,
handstandsam / MyLifecycleOwner.kt
Last active Aug 9, 2022
Jetpack Compose OverlayService. You have to have all the correct permissions granted and in your manifest, but if you do, this this will show a green box with "Hello" in it!
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import android.os.Bundle
import androidx.lifecycle.Lifecycle
import androidx.lifecycle.LifecycleRegistry
import androidx.savedstate.SavedStateRegistry
import androidx.savedstate.SavedStateRegistryController
import androidx.savedstate.SavedStateRegistryOwner
internal class MyLifecycleOwner : SavedStateRegistryOwner {
private var mLifecycleRegistry: LifecycleRegistry = LifecycleRegistry(this)
private var mSavedStateRegistryController: SavedStateRegistryController = SavedStateRegistryController.create(this)
View ImmutableDataWithMutableStateFlowTest.kt
package com.handstandsam.mutablestateflow
import kotlinx.coroutines.flow.MutableStateFlow
import kotlinx.coroutines.test.runBlockingTest
import org.junit.Test
class UseImmutableDataWithMutableStateFlow {
data class SomePojo(var name: String = "placeholder")
handstandsam / a_Classes.kt
Last active Jun 8, 2020
Wrapping Mockito Mocks for Reusability
View a_Classes.kt
/** Whether the Oven command was successful, or something happened */
sealed class OvenResult {
object Success : OvenResult()
data class Failure(val e: Exception) : OvenResult()
/** Class we will use Mockito to Mock */
class Oven {
fun setTemperatureFahrenheit(tempF: Int) {
TODO("Implementation Goes Here")
handstandsam / InMemorySharedPreferences.kt
Last active Oct 30, 2021
Shared Preferences is an Interface, so we can back that interface by an "In Memory" version that never persists anything to the file system. I googled around and the closest thing I found was
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import android.content.SharedPreferences
* In Memory implementation of [SharedPreferences], which just transiently saves data in memory, backed by a [MutableMap].
class InMemorySharedPreferences : SharedPreferences {
private val preferenceValuesMap = mutableMapOf<String, Any?>()
private val changeListeners = mutableListOf<SharedPreferences.OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener>()
handstandsam / 0_SqlDelight 1.x Quick Start Guide for
Last active May 29, 2019
SqlDelight 1.x Quick Start Guide for Android
View 0_SqlDelight 1.x Quick Start Guide for

These are snippets you can use when getting started with SqlDelight 1.x on Android

These snippets should mostly work, but if you want a fully compiling project then please check out my ShoppingApp project here: in that project there is a shopping-cart module and shopping-cart-sqldelight module that are used to implement the DB functionality.