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antony / index.html
Last active Mar 27, 2020
Svelte App on Older Browsers (IE11+)
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<!-- generated via npm run build && npx create-polyfill-service-url analyse --file public/bundle.js -->
<script crossorigin="anonymous" src=",Array.isArray,Array.prototype.entries,Array.prototype.fill,Array.prototype.filter,Array.prototype.forEach,Array.prototype.indexOf,Array.prototype.keys,,ArrayBuffer,console,DataView,Date.prototype.toISOString,document,fetch,Function.prototype.bind,globalThis,Map,Object.create,Object.defineProperties,Object.defineProperty,Object.entries,Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor,Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors,Object.getOwnPropertySymbols,Object.getPrototypeOf,Object.keys,Object.setPrototypeOf,Promise,Reflect,Reflect.construct,Set,Symbol,Symbol.iterator,WeakMap,WeakSet"></script>
WillEccles / alfred-kitty.scpt
Last active Mar 30, 2020
AppleScript for using Kitty in Alfred. This was made for bash, but can easily be made to work with any shell.
View alfred-kitty.scpt
(* 2019-06-07: Added nohup and output redirection to fix a bug with "Open Terminal here" feature.
Thanks to @fools-mate for bringing the issue to my attention. *)
on alfred_script(q)
do shell script "cd ~; nohup /Applications/ /bin/bash -c \"source ~/.bashrc && " & q & ";/bin/bash\" > /dev/null 2>&1 &"
end alfred_script
Rich-Harris /
Last active Mar 30, 2020
The truth about Svelte

I've been deceiving you all. I had you believe that Svelte was a UI framework — unlike React and Vue etc, because it shifts work out of the client and into the compiler, but a framework nonetheless.

But that's not exactly accurate. In my defense, I didn't realise it myself until very recently. But with Svelte 3 around the corner, it's time to come clean about what Svelte really is.

Svelte is a language.

Specifically, Svelte is an attempt to answer a question that many people have asked, and a few have answered: what would it look like if we had a language for describing reactive user interfaces?

A few projects that have answered this question:

codecitizen / serverless.yml
Created Nov 22, 2018
A serverless.yml file configuring a AWS ElastiCache redis instance that is accessible by all AWS Lambda functions deployed by this serverless function.
View serverless.yml
service: my-service
name: aws
runtime: nodejs8.10
stage: ${opt:stage, 'dev'}
"Fn::GetAtt": [ElasticCacheCluster, RedisEndpoint.Address]
View kube-aliases.bash
k() {
command kubectl --namespace="${_kube_ns:-default}" $@
alias kgp='k get pods'
alias kgs='k get svc'
alias kgn='k get ns'
kubectl() {
k "$@"
ngtvspc /
Created Jan 9, 2018
Remove EXIF metadata from images
# Uses the Python Imaging Library
# `pip install Pillow` works too
from PIL import Image
image_filename = "picture_with_EXIF.jpg"
image_file = open('image_filename)
image =
# next 3 lines strip exif
image_data = list(image.getdata())
ipmb /
Last active Jan 28, 2020
Django logging example
import logging.config
import os
from django.utils.log import DEFAULT_LOGGING
# Disable Django's logging setup
LOGLEVEL = os.environ.get('LOGLEVEL', 'info').upper()
slavafomin /
Last active Jan 31, 2020
Git submodules best practices

Git submodules best practices

Useful commands

— Clone repository with submodules automatically:

git clone --recursive

— Initialize submodules after regular cloning:

jcrist /
Created Mar 15, 2017
Simple visualization of dask graph pipelines.
import os
import graphviz
from dask.optimize import key_split
from import _get_display_cls
from dask.core import get_dependencies
def node_key(s):
if isinstance(s, tuple):
jsonmaur / bzexcluderules_editable.xml
Last active Oct 9, 2019
Backblaze Custom Exclude
View bzexcluderules_editable.xml
<excludefname_rule plat="mac" osVers="*" ruleIsOptional="t" skipFirstCharThenStartsWith="users/" contains_1="/.git/" contains_2="*" doesNotContain="*" endsWith="*" hasFileExtension="*" />
<excludefname_rule plat="mac" osVers="*" ruleIsOptional="t" skipFirstCharThenStartsWith="users/" contains_1="/node_modules/" contains_2="*" doesNotContain="*" endsWith="*" hasFileExtension="*" />
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