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Mimicking Gensim's KeyedVectors class
import bz2
import numpy as np
import pickle
from django.conf import settings
from django_redis import get_redis_connection
from gensim.models.keyedvectors import KeyedVectors
from .constants import GOOGLE_WORD2VEC_MODEL_NAME
from .redis import load_word2vec_model_into_redis, query_redis
class RedisKeyedVectors(KeyedVectors):
Class to imitate gensim's KeyedVectors, but instead getting the vectors from the memory, the vectors
will be retrieved from a redis db
def __init__(self, key=GOOGLE_WORD2VEC_MODEL_NAME): = get_redis_connection(alias='word2vec')
self.syn0 = []
self.syn0norm = None
self.index2word = []
self.key = key
def check_vocab_len(cls, key=GOOGLE_WORD2VEC_MODEL_NAME, **kwargs):
rs = get_redis_connection(alias='word2vec')
return len(list(rs.scan_iter(key + "*")))
def load_word2vec_format(cls, **kwargs):
raise NotImplementedError("You can't load a word model that way. It needs to pre-loaded into redis")
def save(self, *args, **kwargs):
raise NotImplementedError("You can't write back to Redis that way.")
def save_word2vec_format(self, **kwargs):
raise NotImplementedError("You can't write back to Redis that way.")
def word_vec(self, word, **kwargs):
This method is mimicking the word_vec method from the Gensim KeyedVector class. Instead of
looking it up from an in memory dict, it
- requests the value from the redis instance, where the key is a combination between the word vector
model key and the word itself
- decompresses it
- and finally unpickles it
:param word: string
:returns: numpy array of dim of the word vector model (for Google: 300, 1)
return pickle.loads(bz2.decompress(query_redis(, word)))
except TypeError:
return None
def __getitem__(self, words):
returns numpy array for single word or vstack for multiple words
if isinstance(words, str):
# allow calls like trained_model['Chief Executive Officer']
return self.word_vec(words)
return np.vstack([self.word_vec(word) for word in words])
def __contains__(self, word):
""" build in method to quickly check whether a word is available in redis """
return + word)
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