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Decorator for Celery functions to measure the execution time and memory usage
import time
from memory_profiler import memory_usage
import logging
celery_logger = logging.getLogger('celery')
def track_celery(method):
This decorator measures the execution time and memory usage of celery
tasks. Decorate any celery task with the decorator and the results will
be saved in a celery logger.
- pip install memory_profiler
- a configured Django logger with the name 'celery'
Decorate your functions like this:
def my_long_running_and_mem_consuming_function():
Results in your celery.log file (example):
2016-06-22 14:05:13,702 [INFO]:
my_long_running_and_mem_consuming_function completed
in 011.36 sec with max mem: 98.67 MB
def measure_task(*args, **kwargs):
start_time_of_task = time.time()
mem_usage, result = memory_usage(
(method, args, kwargs), retval=True, max_usage=True)
result = method(*args, **kwargs)
end_time_of_task = time.time()
'{} completed in {:06.2f} sec with max mem: {:8.2f} MB'.format(
end_time_of_task - start_time_of_task,
return result
return measure_task
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