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Created December 9, 2011 16:24
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OD packaging
..finish build...
here $od-sources point to where the git clone is
and $platform is the platform you're on
cd /opt/
tar cjf opendylan-2011.1-$platform-debug-info.tar.bz2 opendylan-2011.1/build
cd opendylan-2011.1
rm -rf build profiles
cp $od-sources/packages/unix/make-dylan-app bin
cp $od-sources/packages/unix/README .
patch < $od-sources/packages/unix/README-$platform.diff (only on FreeBSD (and MacOSX))
cp -R $od-sources/sources .
cd ..
tar cjf opendylan-2011.1-$platform.tar.bz2 opendylan-2011.1
the bin directory should contain 3 files: dylan-compiler, dswank and make-dylan-app!
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