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Definition of browser field in my panel.js, but it returns only one argument (data about selected image), but there is no info in which Media Source was file selected.
name: 'annex',
fieldLabel: _('workshops.annex'),
xtype: 'modx-combo-browser',
id: this.ident +'-annex',
maxLength: 250,
hideFiles: true,
listeners: {
'select': {
fn: function(data) {
scope: this

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@hansek hansek commented Feb 6, 2013

Only what I get in console is result:

cls: "icon-access"
dateString: "12/03/2012 9:18 am"
disabled: false
ext: "access"
fullRelativeUrl: "ht.access"
image: "/www/manager/templates/default/images/restyle/nopreview.jpg"
image_height: 60
image_width: 80
lastmod: Mon Dec 03 2012 09:18:10 GMT+0100 (Střední Evropa (běžný čas))
menu: Array[1]
name: "ht.access"
pathname: "D:/www/modx.revolution.test/www/\ht.access"
relativeUrl: "ht.access"
shortName: "ht.access"
size: 3519
sizeString: "3.4 KB"
thumb: "/www/manager/templates/default/images/restyle/nopreview.jpg"
thumb_height: 60
thumb_width: 80
url: "ht.access"
__proto__: Object
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