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Working from home

Hao Xi haoxi911

Working from home
  • Marietta, GA
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n04507155 1300 umbrella
n03633091 1300 ladle
n03982430 1300 pool table, billiard table, snooker table
n01877812 1300 wallaby, brush kangaroo
n04486054 1300 triumphal arch
n02840245 1300 binder, ring-binder
n04065272 1300 recreational vehicle, RV, R.V.
n01843065 1300 jacamar
n03028079 1300 church, church building
n04330267 1300 stove
haoxi911 /
Created May 8, 2018
Script to convert TensorFlow GraphDef to TensorFlow Lite
bazel-bin/tensorflow/contrib/lite/toco/toco \
--input_file=/home/ubuntu/pps_output/output_graph.pb \
--output_file=/home/ubuntu/pps_output/output_graph.tflite \
--input_arrays=Placeholder \
--output_arrays=final_result \
--inference_type=FLOAT \
--input_shapes=1,224,224,3 \
--input_format=TENSORFLOW_GRAPHDEF \
haoxi911 /
Created Mar 16, 2018
Convert Mobilenet_v1 weights from TensorFlow to CoreML format
import os
import tfcoreml as tf_converter
tf_model_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'output_graph.pb')
mlmodel_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'output_graph.mlmodel')
mlmodel = tf_converter.convert(
tf_model_path = tf_model_path,
mlmodel_path = mlmodel_path,
output_feature_names = ['final_result:0'],
input_name_shape_dict = {'input:0':[1,224,224,3]},
haoxi911 /
Last active Mar 15, 2018
Retrain Mobilenet_v1 with Oxford IIIT Pet dataset
# Train
cd ~/tensorflow/
source ./bin/activate
python tensorflow/tensorflow/examples/image_retraining/ \
--image_dir $(pwd)/datasets/oxford-iiit-pet/images/ \
--learning_rate=0.001 \
--testing_percentage=20 \
--validation_percentage=20 \
--train_batch_size=32 \
--validation_batch_size=-1 \
haoxi911 /
Created Mar 15, 2018
Remove invalid images from Oxford IIIT Pet dataset
from PIL import Image
import os
path = os.getcwd()
for folder in os.listdir(path):
if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(path, folder)):
for file in os.listdir(os.path.join(path, folder)):
extension = file.split('.')[-1]
if extension == 'jpg':
fileLoc = os.path.join(path, folder)+'/'+file
img =
haoxi911 /
Created Mar 15, 2018
Split images into subfolders on Oxford IIIT Pet dataset
# /bin/sh
# this script categorize image files by moving them into subfolders
# using the name of animals.
for f in *.jpg; do
name=`echo "$f"|sed 's/ -.*//'`
dir=`echo "${name%_*}"|tr '_' ' '| tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'`
mkdir -p "$dir"
mv "$f" "$dir"
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