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deploy happycasts on my linode vps
#!/usr/bin/env bash
ssh -t '
source ~/.bash_login && cd ~/happycasts && \
git pull && \
bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production; \
bundle && bundle exec rake assets:precompile &&\
touch tmp/restart.txt
# run .bash_login (or maybe .profile) to make rvm work, otherwise 'bundle command not found'
# -t to bring the password prompt, when you use sudo


yesmeck commented Sep 5, 2012

我觉的要向多个服务器部署的时候 capistrano 会比较有用,不然用一个脚本好像也没什么麻烦。


happypeter commented Sep 6, 2012

capistrano 还没学会呢 😄


happypeter commented Apr 15, 2013

七个月过去了,中间用了 capistrano 一段时间,感觉好麻烦。所以最终切换回了脚本这种傻瓜透明的方式。

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