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Last active July 18, 2023 20:54
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How to Create Powerful, Customized Lua Mailers in HAProxy
lua-load /path/to/file/mailers.lua
mailers smtp_servers
mailer mailserver1
lua-load /path/to/file/mailers.lua
mailers mymailers
mailer smtp1
mailer smtp2
backend myback
email-alert mailers mymailers
email-alert from
email-alert to
# add your own monitored backend server entries below
-- prepare email body
c:add(string.format("From: %s\r\n", job.mailconf.smtp_from))
c:add(string.format("To: %s\r\n", job.mailconf.smtp_to))
c:add(string.format("Date: %s\r\n", date))
c:add(string.format("Subject: [HAProxy Alert] %s\r\n", job.msg))
c:add(string.format("%s\r\n", job.msg))
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