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import requests
def get_temperature(json_data):
temp_in_celcius = json_data['main']['temp']
return temp_in_celcius
def get_weather_type(json_data):
weather_type = json_data['weather'][0]['description']
return weather_type
def get_wind_speed(json_data):
wind_speed = json_data['wind']['speed']
return wind_speed
def get_weather_data(json_data, city):
description_of_weather = json_data['weather'][0]['description']
weather_type = get_weather_type(json_data)
temperature = get_temperature(json_data)
wind_speed = get_wind_speed(json_data)
weather_details = ''
return weather_details + ("The weather in {} is currently {} with a temperature of {} degrees and wind speeds reaching {} km/ph".format(city, weather_type, temperature, wind_speed))
def main():
api_address = ',au&appid=a10fd8a212e47edf8d946f26fb4cdef8&q='
city = input("City Name : ")
units_format = "&units=metric"
final_url = api_address + city + units_format
json_data = requests.get(final_url).json()
weather_details = get_weather_data(json_data, city)
# print formatted data
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