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Last active Feb 22, 2018
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airtel recharge

Hi @Airtel_Presence why do you need to validate the OTP when recharging? I was trying to help a person who don't even know how to read the message. And stuck to get the OTP to give the best offer you provide on the phone :-(

Hi! I appreciate you reaching out here, Hari! I'd be happy to take a closer look. Can you please explain a little about the situation in a DM? I can then follow this up appropriately. Rgds, Swati

@Airtel_Presence => Why can't you answer his query right away? It's just a simple question! Why are you begging him to DM? Is that because you don't want him to post his concerns in public? Does it affects you in any way?

ok, so as there is interest for the public I will write here + gist ?

I was trying to recharge a prepaid account for a person "X" via your web interface

For me to pay it ask for the OTP send to the mobile.

As I mentioned I don't have the mobile with me.

It is still with person "X" .

She don't know how to read messages or look into it. ( Sadly she is illiterate. )

So to get an OTP is hard. So wasn't able to recharge for her.

Question is : Why do you need an OTP itself? Can you provide a way to by pass this OTP so we can help people like this who needs things urgently.

Her sister was taken to hospital and she was unable to make calls for there is no balance. And trying to help people like this in these situations are really a mess.

Hope you get where I come from.

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